How digitization improved business mechanism for a coffee wholesaler?

Anyone who runs a wholesale distribution business knows that order volumes are huge and need to be fulfilled as soon as possible. This means that your own backend system for inventory control must be fool proof. By building into your business those features that give your customers the convenience they want, you can ensure long-term success. However, using technology to provide ease and convenience is the new norm.

The story of digitization of The Bean Cartel (TBC), a supplier of a diverse range of meticulously blended origin roasted coffee beans, is no different. With the ever-growing technology and businesses going digital, Stacy Visser (owner), too wanted to make the most of this and be able to reach maximum of the people residing in Australia.

The company specializes in contract coffee roasting and wholesale coffee distribution to cafes and corporates throughout the country and has access to a huge range of imported raw coffee beans, which enables them to create a diverse range of coffee flavors and blends to suit the most discerning palate.

Before going digital, most of the business tasks like calling the customers or taking orders was done manually and maintaining inventory was an arduous task. Stacy and his staff would do their coffee inventory using xero, again, a task done manually.

Iotasol helped him build a platform that allows his staff to manage the customers, send them automated text messages to request them to place an order, manage the incoming orders and then allows the drivers to deliver the orders. The system further allows them to manage inventory and day-to-day business operations like invoicing and record keeping of all past delivery records. This brought back the control in the hands of Stacy by systematizing the whole process, which makes him and his staff to manage all the tasks at hand by saving a lot of time.

The end results? This digitization not only increased the customer satisfaction levels, but also boosted the business in multi-folds.

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