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Gather our memories is a social network which is reinventing the way in which people connect over and relive the memories of their loved onces who have passed on from this world. GOM facilitates a platform where people can gather together, collaborate and share their memories of a loved one, all at a single place on the web,

  • Client did not want to develop a mobile application early on so, a completely mobile optimized website had to be built which will scale on all the mobile/tab/desktop screens.
  • Solution needed to provide a common platform where family members and friends can add on pictures, memories, videos etc for their loved one and can share with each other and also keep a record.
  • Solution needed to provide the people with an option to keep the memories alive forever in the web.
  • Solution needed to provide an ability to family members to invite more people to collaborate.
  • High page load speed and optimization on various screen sizes.
Our Solution

Since, initially the client did not want to build mobile application, we went ahead with creatng the whole platform in mobile optimized html.

  • Mobile first approach was followed in designing the pages i.e. all the HTMLs were built starting from mobile screens as the starting point and going to desktop sizes.
  • The solution was tested throughly on all the screen sizes ranging from small mobiles, tabs and desktops.
  • Pixel perfect design was replicated on the HTML's from the PSD's for all screen sizes.
  • All the images, memories, videos were stored on the cloud storage for easier memory management.
  • Caching was implemented to ensure higher page speeds.

The solutions was highly appreciated in various funding meets in the US and is highly anticipated startup in the domain. Many funeral homes have already adopted the solution and are providing it with their funeral services to their memebers and the end users are absolutely loving it.

The solution is still under development and is evolving with time as per user feedback. Watch out for it in the near future.