Parking Was Never So Easy Before

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Parking Was Never So Easy Before


Park A Bay is a powerful product which automates parking systems and provide real time data analysis through business intelligence for parking owners. Advance booking can be done through online payment for booking parking space. The USP for this product is its Android app built for parking owners which works in online as well as offline mode to sync data to web server and enables real time monitoring for parking space. This product can be used for all types of parking spaces be it mall parking, be it airport parking, railway stations or hospitals etc. Using this application we can

  • Easily manage and customize billing plan for parking.
  • View the current status of parking area.
  • Daily ,Weekly , Monthly payment reports.
  • No of time a vehicle visited our parking and average time spent by vehicles.


In today’s era to find a parking is a big problem. As there is no monitoring, it is difficult for the parking owners to manage multi storey parking. ParkABay solves problem for both vehicle owners as well as parking owners. Vehicle owners can check availability online and can pre book space in advance . For Parking owners it provides complete reporting which helps them to manage their parking in a easy way.

  • Online Booking: ParkAbay facilitates users to book their parking space even before going.
  • Real Time Tracking: This app provides real time data for parking owners for current status of parking.
  • Historical Data: The webapp provides complete Graphical Reporting for Customer History and check the number of times customer visited and average time spent by customer. This feature is very useful for mall owners to use this data to recognize loyal customers.
  • Customize Price Plans: Parking admin can easily customize the plan days wise and set the amount accordingly.
  • Print Parking Slips: App is linked to a printer to generate parking slips and bill customer according to current plan set.
  • Works Without Internet: App is created and designed in such a way that it will keep on working without internet as well. All data will sync up automatically once internet is available.