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Red Ridding Hood

Red Riding Hood is a unqiue platform which is made for providing learning to internal organisation staff. Here admin can create quizes and learning courses and share it with different staff members and can also track indivdiual and group's performance against each learning program.

  • The design and technology requirement for the project were very stringent.
  • Their were a lot of 3rd party integrations
  • Needed to build seperate interfaces for content creators and learners.
  • Content creators were to be given ability the ability to create quizes, tests and courses.
  • Learners had to be tracked while they read this content on various parameters, like time spent on a particuar slide/question, overall content time spent, correcteness and many more.
  • A new technology "Angular JS" which was in its nascent stages at that moment of time had to be used as per client's request for building the application.
  • The portal had to be mobile responsive and highly aptimized in performance, not to mention completely secure.
  • The content presentation had to be intuitive and interactive enough to keep the learners engaged.
Our Solution
  • We built the complete solution to work on Amazon AWS to ensure high availability.
  • Angular JS was flawlessless integrated in the HTML's and all the pages were built on Angular.
  • TDD was done to ensure high quality standards for the application.
  • Innovative ideas were presented and implemented to track user engagement while attempting quizes, tests and reading learning material.

The product was met with enthusiasm on being introduced in the market. Many US medical colleges and hospitals have employed the system to better train their medical staff about procidures. Client is targetting the european market next. We are contemplating on porting the solution onto mobile apps also.