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Fixions is a B2C mobile application which is an aggregator for car and two wheeler repair services. It connects garage owners and mechanics with end customers to deliver high qulaity and timely repair services at any time at any place. Designed as a complete solution for connecting garages with end customers, Fixions manages every aspect of this connection from connecting the customers with the appropriate garages, transparent pricing, timely real time responses and online payment.


  • Garage owners needed an interface to seamlessly access latest service requests and respond and quote their prices in real time.
  • Car/two-wheeler owners needed to be given an ability to request a service at their present location at any time.
  • The platform had to enable collaboration between garages and customers to prevent customer no shows.
  • Client's time to market was very less.

Our Solution

We built a hybrid mobile app along with the detailed admin panel, database and mobile API's to enable the mobile applications for the client. Client was given a detailed admin interface where he can manage the complete platform and all the transactions.

  • Since the time to market was less, we went along to build an HTML based hybrid application so that the app can be made available in all the platforms in least time.
  • Seperate mobile app interfaces were made for Garage Owners and Customers enabling them to access the platform.
  • Real time collaboration between customer and garage owners was enabled by use of on-demand technology.
  • To ensure appointment integrity, the process orchestrates reminders to the customers and garage owners via email, text, and phone to minimize customer no-shows
  • Platform provided easy access to customers to request repair services for their vehicles from their phones.
  • Platform provided real time and exhaustive information to garage owners about service/repair requests along with the vehicle and location information of the vehicle.
  • Platform provided ease of payment to the customers and garage owners.


Platform has been launched in Mumbai and has already scaled to 500 garage owners registering on the platform.

  • Garage owners have been able to bid on service requests by customers, and increase their revenues.
  • Customers save time on garage hopping and get real time price bids for their service requests right on their phones.
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