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IotaLite is a powerful product which gives developer the ability to design backend schema for any mobile app. With Iotalite you can create dynamic mobile apps for any platform be it android, ios or windows in very less time. This tool gives you the flexibility to create your own relational database on web. Developer can update data for his app on Iotalite which will be available via Rest API.


A dynamic mobile app consists of backend server and a ui for front-end. So mobile app will consume all data from backend server through web api. This will require the knowledge to create a back-end server which will increase time to market and increase the cost. Every mobile developer wants to build apps with dynamic data but every mobile developer does not know to how to build web api’s. So for every new app we will need to create a backend server and then host that api’s as well. By using iotalite mobile developers can create a backend server through web interface without the need of knowledge of any server side language. They can then fetch the inserted data through simple web api call and consume that data in their native app. They just need to concentrate their energy and time only on their mobile app. This will ultimately reduce time to market for app and reduce costing as well and in turn increase profit.

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