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ITM is a web-based app to manage your employees tasks, timesheets. ITM has extensive organizational features which enhance efficiency at the personal and team levels.The employee workload planning in project management let you finish more tasks on time and identify which ones are getting dangerously close to being overdue.Supervisors can allocate how much time should be spent on each task and then track actual time spent completing them.Monthly reports on time spent on tasks for each department and for each employee. Task Reports are an easy way to learn how much time an employee spends on a certain task or project. Using this convenient tool, you can also see how many tasks are still being worked on, and how many of them are already fulfilled. ITM is the easiest way for team to track their work.

User Roles

ITM have three type of users

  • Supervisor: Supervisor user has all access to see where his team spends time and efforts. Supervisor have all access on data.supervisor can create multiple companies.decide about access he wants to give it to its particular company.
  • Admin:Admin can see all details of employees. Admin can assign role,departments,employ type,manager name.employ can see employee listing.Admin have rights to edit employee details.admin can add all descriptions. Admin have following sections :
    • Dashboard: admin can manage employee data on dashboard.
    • DSR: admin can see daily status reports of all employees.
    • Employees: there are two sections
      • Employee List: To see employee list.
      • Manage Employee: To manage or edit employee details.
    • Manage: it have four sections
      • Client: This section is to add new client description.
      • Department: Here the admin can add department of an organisation.
      • Projects: Here the administrator can add multiple projects.
      • Vendor: Here the administrator can add our organisation vendors details.
    • Assign: it have two sections
      • Task To Employee: admin can assign particular task to employee.
      • Project to employee: Admin can assign project to employee.
    • Bugs: if tester find any bug in application then he report to admin and admin assign that bug to employee.
    • Leaves: Here admin can see all employees leaves details.
    • Reports: Here admin can see all employees dsr reports.
    • Resources: it have four sections
      • Manage Resource Type: here you can define resource type.
      • Manage Resource: here you can manage resources.
      • Manage resource group: Here you can Assign multiple resources to employee
    • Hosting Details: it have four sections
      • Manage hosting Providers: To add details of new hosting provider.
      • Manage Hosting Types: To manage hosting type.
      • Manage Hosting: To manage hosting.
      • Hosting List: To see all Hosting List.
  • Employee: This role is for employees of an organisation.Employees can see status,report,hour spent etc.it have following sections.
    • Dashboard: Here Employee can check Task tasks,leaves for approval,and leave applied.
    • Dsr: Here Employee can enter tasks on timesheet.
    • Leaves: Here Employee can Apply for leaves
    • Reports: here Employee can see His/Her dsr reports and check time spent on tasks .and total time spent by him/her.
  • Super Admin: Super admin user has all access of Admin and Supervisor user and also has some additional access and permissions. Super admin user can create Admin and Supervisor users and can change the roles and access rights.
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