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Shipers connects Senders to Commuters or peoples. People who are running errands and want to earn extra money while delivering packages on their way. Every item that gets posted notifies the shipment are going on that way already, Therefore the shiper can accept and deliver the package with no extra effort. In this case no matter what you want to deliver.When the shiper is on that way, so why spend more money and your most important time. Shiper just deliver with some simple clicks of buttons. The greatest feature is bidding so that sender can send their shipment at cheapest price.


Our goal is just deliver your shipment on time. Having something picked up and delivered same day is unfathomed territory. Even the biggest postal companies don’t provide this service. Shipper has created a market that never existed. We have sent your shipment on cheapest price.

3 easy steps for shiper an item

  • Post Item: Here sender can post various items which he want to ship, that items will visible to all the shippers. All Shippers can bid on it. Then sender can hire suitable shiper based on requirement and budget.
  • Shiper Pick Up:After get hired shiper will pick up your package and upload images of your package to start job.
  • Shiper Delivers:After starting job shiper will deliver package. For completion of that job shiper have to upload picture of package from destination location. After that sender will review to that job. Then its going to be finish.

7 easy step to delivering an item

  • Bid On Item: Before bid the shiper have to upload their required documents. After that he able to bid on items. Shiper can search items posted by sender’s. Then he can bid on item which he want to deliver.
  • Get Hired By Sender: After bidding on item,the shipper get hired with approval of sender. After that process sender got notification about you are willing to deliver that item.
  • Accept To Deliver: Our next process is accept to deliver after hired by sender shiper got notification Accept to deliver. If shiper want to deliver that item then he can accept that notification otherwise he can withdraw from that bid.
  • Pick It Up: After accepting that deliver proposal. Shipper have to pick up that package. After getting that package he have to upload picture of package from its source location. And he have to update package destination location. After that he have to proceed package destination location.
  • Drop It Off: After reaching on package destination location shiper have to drop it off. For drop it off you have to upload package destination place picture.
  • Get Paid: We accept payment with two ways :
    • Cash On Delivery: Shiper get paid when he got package destination.
    • Online

Admin Panel

In Shipers we have admin panel for data reporting.Here we can see all reports of data.In admin panel we have three tabs.

  • Admin Dashboard: In admin dashboard we have three cards:
    • Users: To check number of users.
    • Delivered: To check delivered items.
    • Pending: To check pending deliveries.
  • User Management: The another section on admin panel is user management.Here the administrator can see list of users and record their moments.
  • Item Details: Here administrator can see all the listed items by users.
3 Types of People who Definitely Need Shipers
  • Busy people: For some, errands are what get you out of the house, but for many, an errand is an added stress. Weather you are a student, work more hours a day than your sanity can take, or have trouble finding parking.
  • Gifters: Are you a gift giver? Do you think of others at spontaneous times and like to show you care? Send a shiper to brighten a day. A card, a treat, a meal. Whatever will brighten a day can be delivered by a shiper.
  • Forgetful types: Do all people forget things and leave them places they don’t belong? Maybe, maybe not. Some of us, myself included, do leave things places. For me it’s usually 30 to 60 miles away since those are places I frequent. For the forgetful person, a shiper could really save both money and time. Definitely a win! Whatever your need is, shipers can be great to have around. Find one and track them as your item is delivered.

We have three Type of User’s

  • User: User is the our default register user.when you register with us for our services then by default you got user role.
  • Shiper: Shiper role applied on those who want to work with us to deliver packages. It assigns when you fill the upload document form to bid on an item.
  • Admin: Admin role is for administrator. Admin section is for reporting of data. Admin can check All records, Number of users, Number of bids, Number of completed and pending deliveries and those details.
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