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Iotasol is a software company with a primary focus on developing high qualitative, cost-effective, and timely delivered software. We offer a solution for all your customized software, websites, web application, and mobile application requirements. We have been transforming businesses digitally since 2010.

In 2010, Yashpal Singla, the founder, started with a dream to digitize and smoothen processes for others, and the passion grew more with each passing day. The inception of Iotasol took place in Autumn 2009 when Yash started as a freelancer in parallel to his full-time job.


Our History.



After great efforts, Iotasol got its first major client in August and is fortunately still working.

In October, the first major Indian client signed. Product development for them went on for a couple of years.



In March, Akhilesh Aggarwal came on board as co-founder, partner and CTO.

The first team member joined, along with another intern, in June.



The month of the new year brought changes; we shifted to bigger office space, and the team continued to grow. Now we were at five (5) members.



We signed our first major global client in the technology stack that was new to us.



We shifted to new office space, much better than the previous one. Also, we did our first university recruitment drive.



We signed up three (3) major additional clients in the US that are still helping us grow and many new additions to the team.



Ravijeet Dang, Director at Iotasol officially forms the ASIANA head office.



iPraktice ((, one of our key projects in the Australian market, was signed in January. From this point, we continued to grow by signing three large-scale clients, all from different industries and presented a different challenge.



At Iotasol Australia, we hired the first team member and many new additions in our Indian head office.



Purchased our own office space, target move-in date is scheduled for January 2020 Many new additions in our Indian head office.



We grew as a company and continue with each passing day. We got more aware of our digital presence, newer faces, better projects - external and in-house, learning and adapting to “Work from Home” culture, and what not! Novel Coronavirus indeed slowed the speed, but we kept it at a steady pace.



The year has just begun! We started this year by moving into a brand new office location. This year our focus is on GROWTH. More clients, better projects, new team members and broader geographical regions to conquer; this year is all going to be growing bigger and better.


Our Approach.

We pride ourselves on being a "technology-driven" organization.

By implementing an augmented global delivery model, innovative software platforming approach and industry expertise, we aim to provide high-value IT services. That enables our clients to boost their business performance, accelerate time-to-market, increase productivity and improve customer service.

The market trend is pointing towards people converting paper-based workflows to digital to reduce the time consumed in the manual processes and achieve effective control over the material flows within their work environment.

quality quality_h


We do not believe in compromising when it comes to the quality of the product we deliver. It passes through very acrimonious testing, and only then is it handed over to the customer. We also use an agile methodology which helps us do software development incrementally and iteratively.

task task_h

Easy Managing of tasks

Agile project management helps us to manage each task of every project and be on the timeline. We also have an internal documentation product created in-house to keep a tab on even the minutest of the detail entailing the project.

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Customer Support

At Iotasol, we provide all‐time support to our clients during their digital transformation journey. We provide consultative technical expertise and software development to businesses at a fair, reasonable price.

Our Partners.

Since 2010, We've been lucky to work with some incredible allies!

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tcconsulting TC Consulting
gravitycare Gravity Care
mccoeyassociates Mccoey & Associates
demansol Demansol

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