Iotasol's 2020 highlights

2020 has been a tough year for all of us. The novel coronavirus pandemic surely has brought unprecedented times on everyone across the globe and made humans re-think on the tiniest bit of their life, resulting in crashing of many dreams, goals, lives, businesses, and what not!

It certainly was not easy for us, either, but like many companies who struggled to keep up and stay in the business game, we survived, and thankfully, we were able to achieve a few of our set goals, if not all.

We would like to take you guys on a quick tour n how 2020 looked like at Iotasol.

Fighting COVID-19 and keeping the team’s morale high

Despite the lockdown and work from home setup, we did a variety of activities to ensure our team is safe and their morale high. Among the many, few were -

Welcome new team members

While many were losing jobs due to industries shutting down, we grew! 8 new hires in India and one in Australia. Zero attrition in this year.

  • Virtual Tea Party – First activity post lock-down was imposed; all our team members met online on Zoom meeting at evening tea time with their preferred beverages and snacks. We had great fun-filled sessions and enjoyed it heartily.
  • Dumb Charades – Friday activity. Held on Zoom meeting, we randomly selected a person to act on the name of a movie sent over Skype and all others must guess. It was much more chaotic than expected, but it was fun.
  • Various #WFH Photo Contests – Held many photo contests for team; may it be a selfie or kids challenge or taking screenshots while on video calls.
  • Celebrated Birthdays – All the team members birthdays were celebrated over video Calls.
  • Celebrated 10 years of Iotasol – This huge celebration for the company took place at a video conference as well.
  • Small gatherings and meetings to keep the motivation level high – As lockdown restrictions were slowly lifted, we eventually started meeting whenever possible; if not all, whoever was available to catch up.

New business horizons – NZ and Canada

Another stepping milestone achieved was expansion in business. While we were already in Australia, India, and Italy, we opened offices in Canada as well as New Zealand.

Got Google’s attention on Twitter -

Our newly found social media team was pleasantly surprised when Google responded to our tweet, not once but twice! It surely made our day *wink*

Adapting to innovative technology – switching from Google’s Business Suite to Microsoft 365 -

While working in the digital transformation industry, we must be up-to-date with the latest technologies ourselves. We have been using Google’s business suite for the longest time and it was time to make a switch as our business and work grew multi-fold.

Launched new business vertical: KPO

This is a new type of service that we as a company are trying to get into. It deals with more of back-end documentation for lawyers, property dealers, rentals, etc.

Working on inhouse product Shyksha to empower educationists

Education is an important aspect in every child’s growth and we want it to be every child’s right! Shyksha is basically a video conferring app for teachers and students, where one can schedule online classes, create institutes, take lectures, make a group, fees automation, schedule classes, ability to send reminder to students, and what not! It has Learning Management System (LMS) integrated as well. It is way more secured comparatively to other similar platforms as one cannot privately invite anyone.

Working on product called GoReferUs (GRU) to give new shape to word-of-mouth marketing and change the way referrals are given

GoReferUs (GRU) is a word-of-mouth marketing platform wherein one can refer a person or business to other business, as well as generate business for themselves. This is an incentive-based program where both are entitled to get fixed fees for referring or receiving a referral. Here, the referral can be either at an org level or can be referee or be a referral or solution provider as well. It is a 3-entity platform and open to everyone.

Focus towards digital marketing and digital presence

While we are promoting digitisation to every business, why stay behind ourselves? This year’s goal was to be pro-active on social media and grow our audience and the user engagement. We have had a massive growth in both and that’s what has helped us get more clients and unique projects from all over the world.

Work on Brand and a new logo with a new improved website

We did a total re-branding of our logo and the website. It is much faster and more mobile-friendly compared to the older one. We have got a lot of appreciation on the work done and many have liked the way we have maintained it in recent times.

It surely seemed a draggy year, but we have made it! Lessons learnt, alive and healthy, better than thought. This year also made business owners circumspect the way they perform their operations. While many shut down due to not being able to carry on with their processes digitally, a few sustained.

Let’s be prepared to stay afloat during any crises by going digital!

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