Off the Shelf vs Custom Application Development

Why should one opt for a custom-built application when it is way easier to pick one from the numerous available options or use one which a specific competitor is using or is recommended by a friend?

A lot of new entrepreneurs ask such questions and the answer would be as simple as - “Yes definitely you can, but the only challenge is that usually these off the shelf systems are made to be generic and you end up adapting your business process to meet how the system is made, instead of the system adapting to your business needs.”

Most of the time, these off the shelf systems come with a stack of features that you might not need or never be used. But you’d still end up paying for it as it comes in the package and is not customizable. This further leads to adding some custom modules, generally from a third party which comes at an extra price, generally with limited functionality and would also require some extra time on hands for the developers to build the system and then deploy it.

Some of these pre-built systems do come with an ability to be modified as required, but usually, these systems come with initial high capital investment and an additional ongoing operating expense, if there needs to be another module appended. This ends up having a double impact on your business.

On the other hand, when it comes to getting a brand new custom-developed software, one of the biggest advantages is that you will be in charge of designing the system that has only those modules and features that are needed for your business. Since it will be custom designed and tailor-made it not only includes the entire workflow, but also the reports which would help the company keep a track of both the financial as well as administrative data.

Also, since this functionality will be designed explicitly for your organization, it certainly will end up being an indispensable part of your day-to-day activities which in turn will make it less dependent on you. It might seem a bit tedious in the beginning, but this will not only help the business processes to be more streamlined but also save huge amounts of time for other tasks on hand which only makes the company’s turn-over go higher with each passing day.

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