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Jun 20, 2021
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Why we do what we do?

Everyone endeavours to be the best - or if not, at least get better! achieve better grades, have improved health, a good raise or maybe a promotion, and the list goes on!

We are constantly looking out for motivation from great leaders or successful personalities and try to implement it in our life, hoping that somewhere we will be thriving too.

We at Iotasol are no different! In the past 11 years, we have grown only because we continually asked ourselves - What can make us better than others in this business? What are we doing and is it worth it?

In short, why we do what we do? What in actuality inspires us to work, every single day?

Honestly, the answer is pretty simple - at Iotasol, we are proud of our work and love it as much. For us, work is fun; work is worship!

To an outsider, Iotasol just might look like an everyday technology company that develops websites and mobile apps, but the effort we put into every project that we do goes way further than just helping businesses manage data or to go paperless.

Since our inception, we have had a single common goal – to empower other businesses with a digital presence. Our developed software solutions play a vital role in helping businesses streamline their core processes, bring down costs, build an excellent digital presence, and cater to a bigger customer base.

Wants to ride this amazing digital transformation ship?

With the solutions that we helped our customers build, they are doing amazing things and are happy to see increased profits in many folds. Our clients often confess that with the new mechanism implemented, and their processes systemized, they spend more time on other business tasks as they have time on their hands to learn and explore new things!

This brings us back to the reason for our existence. We aren't just about technology and software; we are about solutions! We help link data to businesses, businesses to people, and people to people.

While doing this, we believe our work will improve the quality of life of our customers and their target end-users across the globe.

External rewards may seem motivating, but they are not sustainable for a longer period. But our focus has always been quality over quantity and that is our intrinsic inspiration! That drives us to perform better by learning new, every day!

The smiling, happy faces of our clients are the main reason for our work and that gets us out of our beds each morning. The empowering feeling our work gives us to help businesses, no matter large or small, is the reason why we do what we do.

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