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May 01, 2021

What to expect from iotasol in 2021?

The Covid-19 pandemic had a profound effect on everyone globally. But the most affected were the IT departments. In just a few days, office buildings emptied as staff disappeared. IT services suddenly had to support an almost entirely remote workforce. Adding to the complexity, they also left to work at home, making user support arduous and ordinary operations almost impossible.

In these scenarios, we did our best to establish the connectivity within the team across multiple locations as fast as possible to ensure the work was uninterrupted for our clients.

With the start of 2021 comes mixed emotions: a relief that the painful year has ended, exhaustion, and yes, even hope. Hope arose that the offices will be re-populated back to previous levels. But, in reality, many companies have decided to become completely virtual, eliminating any offices for an eventual return, while some have decided to keep the staffing in offices to minimal.

Here’s what to expect from us in 2021:

1) Excited to move back to work together; this time our own new OFFICE

Even as the concept of work from home is here to stay, we are planning to start our new office at the earliest, ensuring all safety measures have been adhered to as instructed. We miss working together as a team and under one roof. Construction of our new office is going on very rapid pace. We are so excited as a team to work as a UNIT again

2) Targeting 50% revenue growth from new Leads

We have signed up for multiple projects at the start of this year already! Also, we are receiving many potential leads, which makes us believe this year will be promising. We are expanding our marketing team that will help achieve our target of maximizing the revenue growth from the new leads.

3) Focus on Process Improvement

We work hard on improving the processes internally that’d build capabilities and tools to increase the productivity and quality of our work regularly. This year we are planning to address everything aggressively and set up a dedicated team for this purpose. This team will work on different areas of the project pipeline to improve the quality of the work while also helping in reducing the time to market for clients and thus making it possible for us to do multiple projects simultaneously. The focus this year is also on reducing the cost and giving it back!

4) Double the team size

We are already hiring very aggressively across multiple locations. With the increase in demand, we are sure that this trend will continue for the whole year and see many new faces that will join our family, making it a memorable year.

5) Learning never stops at iotasol

Learning is a constant process; each day we learn something new and different! This year, along with hiring new people, we want to ensure everyone (old and new) learn and grow. It can be either personal, professional, or both, helping us to stay a step ahead of our competitors. We are also planning to have a dedicated R&D department. This team will work on newer technologies and build tools and utilities to help in reducing the overall time of development and improve the quality of the end product at the same time.

6) Targeting new geographical locations

We already have clients from Australia, Canada, the U.S.A, India, and few parts from European countries. This year we want to target deeper and broader across the globe and have many projects, small and big!

7) Enhancing our customer service

We have a 90% success rate of customer satisfaction and want it beyond 100% this year. We are already working on improving things that will help us achieve this and hope the word spreads far and wide.

In conclusion,

We are very hopeful that the first year of the new decade brings a lot better and exciting things for us. With better opportunities and new faces becoming part of the team and a never-ending focus on learning and evolving on quality and processes, we at iotasol are buckled up to ensure that we give you our best, every single time.

However, we would want to hear from you as to what are you expecting from us and, we’d surely try to cooperate that in our planning. Your suggestions and continuous support have always acted as a catalyst behind our success over the last decade.

We are looking forward to continuing that this year as well.

Feel free to write us at and let us know!

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