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CEO & Founder

Yashpal Singla

Yashpal Singla, with his brimming entrepreneurial spirit, is the one who laid the foundation stone of Iotasol back in 2010 all by himself.

More About Yashpal Singla's Professional Journey

Yashpal Singla knew ever since the beginning of his career as an IT professional that he wanted to have his own business venture one day. Though he tried his hands at different business ideas, he later decided to stick to what he knew best and started Iotasol as one man army after burning midnight oil and understanding his true calling.

During his tenure in Infosys, he has been awarded various organization-level awards and has actively participated in and won several events. He was involved in designing and planning technical architectures and interacting with end clients.

He also was designated as a high-tech Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for different technologies across his department. He worked with various international telecom companies across the globe like BT, AT&T, and Orange.

Yashpal Singla has around 20 years of technical experience and he has been instrumental in transforming hundreds of businesses to achieve their goals through digital solutions.

His key responsibilities in Iotasol revolve around taking strategic decisions for business growth, financial planning, risk mitigation, and exploring new, multiple arenas for economic and organizational expansion.

Yash is a visionary who believes that honesty and transparency in operations are the backbone of any successful business.

The biggest factor that makes Yashpal Singla stand out as a leader is his ability to establish a genuine connection with every team member and create a culture of oneness, respect, and consideration for his team members.

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