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Akhilesh Aggarwal

CTO & Co-Founder

Akhilesh is an IT professional, an entrepreneur at heart, and a co-founder at Iotasol. He has worked closely with global brands, customers, and partners and helped them formulate their technical and digital strategies. He is passionate about technology and spearheading the adoption of new technologies to help customers leverage cloud computing into their products and digital businesses.

Apart from managing the business, he is actively involved in the technical aspect. His primary and shared responsibilities include operations, sales, corporate development, human resource development, marketing, pricing, and revenue management. His keen eye for potential business opportunities showcases his love for all things tech. Before this business, he worked with Infosys as a team leader and worked with many big retailers like GAP Inc, Banana Republic, and many more. He won various department and organization level awards during his stint at Infosys. A strong urge to do something more challenging and exciting motivated him to leave his job and explore other opportunities.

Akhilesh is a proven leader with more than 14 years of experience in working closely with partners and customers to drive software innovation. He endeavours to bring a high level of customer satisfaction and never hesitates to go the extra mile towards meeting his goals. He has a passion for travelling and is an avid reader. He loves to explore less frequented places in his free time.

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