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Managing Director, Canada

Nishant Verma

Nishant Verma joined Iotasol in 2020 as a Managing Director and is heading operations in Canada. His strong mentoring skills and authentic leadership have been instrumental in building a high performance culture and impactful results in the organization.

More About Nishant Verma's Professional Journey

Nishant Verma has extensive experience of more than 14 years working in software and electrical streams with the top organizations in the Oil and Gas sector in North America.

He has played a key role in helping businesses increase profitability, streamline their internal processes, and create more opportunities for themselves through developing effective and innovative IT solutions.

Nishant, as a leader, has a unique and authentic understanding of how the latest technology trends can serve any particular business and help them grow through software-based solutions.

He holds a post-graduate degree from the University of Windsor, Ontario with Masters of Electrical and computer engineering. He is also a professional engineer registered with APEGA.

Nishant plays a key role in engaging with the clients and understanding the vision behind their business idea. He is a firm believer of the fact that people should always be able to discover the answers to questions like ‘why’ they want to do something. ‘How’ they should approach that ‘why’?

Nishant triggers the inquisitiveness of the clients by helping them discover the core purpose behind their business idea and engaging in constructive discussions.

He macro-manages the development and integration of clients’ systems, while also providing technical leadership for his team. Nishant’s focus is on creating unique software-based solutions to help emerging companies grow with the latest technology trends and operate more efficiently hence keeping pace with the industry.

Nishant will continue to add value as a managing director by leveraging his experience in service delivery, network capacity planning, restructuring IT infrastructures, and project management to bring real-world solutions to any kind of business.

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