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Managing Director, Australia

Ravijeet Dang

Ravijeet Dang is the managing director and spearheads the operations of Iotasol in Australia.

More About Ravijeet Dang's Professional Journey

His main responsibilities are to prepare and implement comprehensive business plans, oversee the company’s financial performance, delegate responsibilities, participate in strategy building and provide strategic advice, analyse problematic situations and provide solutions.

Ravijeet had a long and very fulfilling career trajectory before he joined Iotasol in 2016. He has worked across Europe, South East Asia, and Australia for global brands such as DHL, FIFA, Fuji Xerox, etc. until he finally thought of establishing his own tech services start-up.

He is an award-winning digital strategist known for his out-of-the-box revenue-building strategies and commitment to helping his partners achieve significant cost savings. Iotasol has been leveraging his expertise in SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Supply Chain and product/ service delivery.

One of the key career highlights of Ravijeet is his involvement in building the DHL Express Airway Bill Number sticker. Also, he had a key role to play in building a new enterprise service for account payable processing for Fuji Xerox's BPS business.

He has delivered many successful projects under his guidance here in Iotasol in different domains like telehealth, mental health, laundry management, etc.

He brings a high level of technical aptitude and strategy to each project he works on and goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional client service matched with a relentless focus on positively impacting my clients’ bottom lines.

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