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Meet our executives team

These ardent techies have revolutionised the business world with the power of digitization. These are the backbone of our company, steering the organisation to touch great heights and ensuring growth for every stakeholder.


CEO and Founder

Yashpal Singla

Yashpal Singla

Yashpal Singla, with his brimming entrepreneurial spirit, is the one who laid the foundation stone of Iotasol back in 2010 all by himself.

Yashpal Singla has around 20 years of technical experience and he has been instrumental in transforming hundreds of businesses to achieve their goals through digital solutions.

CTO and Co-Founder

Akhilesh Aggarwal

Akhilesh Aggarwal

Akhilesh Aggarwal, a co-founder and the Chief Technical Officer of Iotasol acts as the torchbearer for technical decision-making for the organisation.

He holds an extensive experience of around 20 years of working closely with global brands and clients and provided his valuable insight into the technical aspects of hundreds of projects so far.


Managing Director, Australia

Ravijeet Dang

Ravijeet Dang

Ravijeet Dang is the managing director and spearheads the operations of Iotasol in Australia.

He is an award-winning digital strategist known for his out-of-the-box revenue-building strategies and commitment to helping his partners achieve significant cost savings. Iotasol has been leveraging his expertise in SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Supply Chain and product/ service delivery.

Managing Director, Canada

Nishant Verma

Nishant Verma

Nishant Verma has extensive experience of more than 14 years working in software and electrical streams with the top organizations in the Oil and Gas sector in North America.

Nishant joined Iotasol in 2020 as managing director and is heading operations in Canada. His strong mentoring skills and authentic leadership have been instrumental in building a culture of high performance and impactful results in the organization.


Team Iotasol

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