Snowflake Cost Optimization Accelerator

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Understanding Cloud Costs and Optimization

In today's business landscape, harnessing the power of data analysis and insights is paramount for informed decision-making. Yet, navigating the intricacies of workload management and query optimization in cloud environments can present significant cost escalation challenges. As companies worldwide strive for success, optimizing costs becomes imperative.

iotasol's Snowflake Optimization Accelerator addresses these concerns by providing comprehensive visibility into the factors contributing to cost escalation for you. Through sophisticated analysis, this accelerator identifies inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization within the Snowflake cloud environment. By leveraging our one-time optimization service, companies can achieve upto 50% reduction in costs associated with Snowflake usage.

Optimize your Snowflake Deployment

What we do for you



A thorough analysis to track and document every credit spent and provide detailed insights for informed resource allocation



Achieve cost efficiency by optimizing high cost and frequently executed queries maintaining warehouse utilization above 70% optimal performance



Constantly monitor resources, tables and virtual warehouses and review usage patterns for discrepancies and ensure optimal resource allocation



Cut excessive costs by removal of dormant users, eliminate unused objects to reduce storage costs and maintain a lean environment

Get Started with our 3 step plan

Free ideation

A structured brainstorming meeting designed to explore possibilities within your industry and generate innovative ideas to uncover unique solutions

No cost
Discovery workshop

Customized to your specific business needs, free discovery session involves gap analysis, identification of critical use cases, and evaluation of learning opportunities, followed by a complimentary 1% gap analysis report

One Time

within a time frame of 8-12 weeks leading to up to 50% cost reduction

Fully Managed Services

go beyond one time optimization & include continuous monitoring and cleansing of any cost spiking factors


iotasol is a Snowflake partner

Unlock the full potential of Snowflake with iotasol, your trusted Snowflake partner. Specializing in optimizing Snowflake environments, we ensure efficient resource utilization and cost alignment, empowering businesses to derive maximum value from their data cloud. With our expertise, customers gain immediate visibility, cost reduction, and enhanced efficiency, allowing them to redirect valuable data engineering resources towards driving impactful business outcomes.

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