IoT (Internet of Things)

Unlock the power of Connectivity with Emerging Technologies and Real Time Insights

How iotasol Leads as Your Stable IoT Tech Partner

IoT is revolutionizing the business landscape by providing unmatched efficiency, data-driven insights, and customer engagement through its network of interconnected devices and sensors. iotasol leads the way for companies starting their IoT journey, offering customized solutions tailored to their needs.

As a reliable IoT technology partner, iotasol serves a variety of industries such as manufacturing, supply chain, pharmaceuticals, packaged food industry, worker safety, retail, and agriculture etc. Beyond delivering advanced IoT solutions, iotasol emphasizes strong security measures to protect against threats. We excels in smoothly integrating IoT systems with current operations and data flows for a seamless transition.

iotasol’s in-depth knowledge of IoT technology and applications distinguishes it as a partner that not only provides top-notch solutions but also offers ongoing support and maintenance. We expertise ensures businesses effectively implement IoT and continue to thrive with regular innovations and updates.

Discover how iotasol's IoT solutions can transform your business by enhancing efficiency and reducing costs

Building Blocks of Our IoT Ecosystem

Sensors and Actuators

These components are crucial for interacting with the environment. Sensors detect changes and collect data, while actuators make adjustments by turning devices on or off and modifying settings based on the sensor data.

Edge Devices and Gateways

This layer is responsible for processing and routing data from sensors across various networks, including xG, LAN, Bluetooth, and LoRaWAN. It effectively manages data of varying volumes, speeds, and types.

Cloud Computing and Data Analytics

Our system leverages cloud technology to store, process, and analyze extensive data sets. This capability supports advanced analytics to derive meaningful insights.

User Interface Design

We focus on creating superior user experiences utilizing web technologies, mobile platforms, and immersive AR/VR environments. This approach ensures our applications are both powerful and user-friendly.

Business Applications

This foundation manages and oversees the IoT framework, encompassing its functionality, applications, and underlying business strategies. It ensures our IoT solutions meet strategic business objectives efficiently.

IoT Offerings Across Industries

Warehouse Monitoring
  • IoT sensors

  • RFID Tags

  • Smart cameras

  • Conveyors/automatic sortation

  • Automated palletizing/depalletizing

  • Shift Management

Worker Safety
  • Employee Temperature Tracking

  • Anomaly Event Detection

  • Restricted Zone Monitoring

  • PPE Kit tracking

  • Forklift Tracking & Driver Association

Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Automation

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Automated alerts

  • Warehouse climate control

  • Third party logistics (3PA)

Real Time Asset Tracking
  • GPS Tracking

  • Condition Monitoring

  • Geofencing

  • Fleet Management

  • Dashboards and Reporting

Smart Cities
  • Live Traffic and Parking Monitoring

  • Adaptive Street Lighting

  • Public Transit Location Tracking

  • Fire Detection and Alerts

  • Crime Deterrence Technologies

Predictive Maintenance
  • Remote monitoring of products / equipment performance

  • Early detection of problems

  • Uncovering failure patterns

  • Validating warranty claims

  • Identifying warranty violations

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