Client Story

Advanced Supply Chain Management for Cold Chain Pharmaceuticals

Project Overview

Our client, a prominent pharmaceutical company, required a robust solution to manage their cold chain pharmaceuticals, ensuring the integrity and safety of temperature-sensitive drugs. The goal was to implement a system that provided real-time monitoring of temperature during storage and transportation, accurate tracking of inventory, and prevention of drug counterfeiting. iotasol developed an advanced supply chain management system utilizing IoT sensors, blockchain technology, and RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems). This solution aimed to streamline coordination between warehouse operations and logistics providers, enhance inventory tracking, and ensure strict environmental controls throughout the supply chain.

Growth Tracking


Reduction in drug counterfiet cases


increase in annual savings


Improvement in response time

Major Challenges

Ensuring consistent temperature and humidity control for cold chain pharmaceuticals.

Preventing counterfeiting and ensuring the authenticity of drug locations.


iotasol's comprehensive supply chain management solution incorporated several advanced technologies and strategies:

iotasol's comprehensive supply chain management solution integrated advanced IoT sensors, blockchain technology, and real-time location systems (RTLS) to ensure meticulous monitoring and management of cold chain pharmaceuticals. IoT sensors were strategically deployed at both box and pallet levels to continuously monitor temperature and humidity, providing real-time data to maintain consistent environmental control during storage and transportation. Blockchain technology was utilized to authenticate the location of pharmaceuticals, preventing counterfeiting by ensuring all communication and data exchange were secure and tamper-proof. This integration of blockchain ensured that records remained immutable and reliable throughout the supply chain.

Additionally, RTLS technology was implemented to precisely track the location of inventory within the warehouse and across the supply chain. The system's scalability allowed for detailed tracking at the box level for high-value assets or at the pallet level for broader inventory management. Powered tags, such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Humatics technology, offered high accuracy and extended battery life, ensuring dependable location data. The IoT solution was seamlessly integrated with the client's ERP system, automating inventory location updates and generating work orders for corrective actions. This ERP integration facilitated real-time visibility and efficient management of the supply chain. Furthermore, battery-powered sensors placed on inventory and in storage areas ensured strict temperature control. Alerts were generated if temperature readings deviated from set parameters, enabling immediate corrective actions to prevent spoilage and ensure the quality of the drugs.



The implementation of iotasol’s advanced supply chain management system delivered significant benefits to the client

  • Enhanced Quality Control: Ensured consistent temperature and humidity control, maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and reducing waste.

  • Improved Inventory Tracking: Provided real-time visibility and precise tracking of inventory, reducing losses and enhancing overall inventory management.

  • Counterfeit Prevention: Utilized blockchain technology to authenticate drug locations, effectively preventing counterfeiting and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined coordination between warehouse operations and logistics providers, improving overall supply chain efficiency.

  • Cost Savings: Reduced operational costs through efficient resource management, accurate inventory tracking, and minimized waste due to spoilage.

  • Real-Time Alerts: Enabled proactive management with real-time alerts for temperature deviations and other critical parameters, ensuring timely corrective actions.

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