Top DApp development frameworks for businesses in 2023

By Akhilesh Aggarwal

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These days, Entrepreneurs from different industries are driven towards decentralized apps. This technology has already made its mark in the financial domain.

Some of the topmost features of decentralized apps include transparency, scalability, and reliability. As per stats, in the year 2019, the total number of DApps was 2432 and 180 new apps were made every month.

This blog will act as a guide for you to understand what DApps exactly are, how they are different from traditional apps and how can you go about building one.

1. Defining a decentralized app

Decentralized apps, also known as ‘DApps’ or ‘dapps’ are those applications that run on the blockchain or peer-to-peer network of computers. They do not fall under the purview or control of any single authority.

Let's understand with the help of an example.

Apps like ‘Uber’ or ‘Twitter’ belong to the category of centralized apps. These apps belong to a computer system that is owned by a single authority. This owner organization or authority exercises full control over the functioning of the app. While a huge number of people use the app on one side, the backend is under the control of a single entity (owner organization)

However, DApps operate on a peer-to-peer network. Applications like BitTorrent, Tor, etc. belong to this category. These apps function in a way that participants can consume as well as share content or simultaneously do both. This is an open-source and decentralized setup such that it is free from the control of a single authority.

If an app like Twitter is created and put on blockchain by the developer, anyone would be able to post, and once posted, no one will be able to delete the messages, not even the creators of the app.

2. Benefits of decentralized apps


Let's quickly understand the features of decentralized apps because of which their popularity is growing by the day.

a. Zero downtime

On the deployment of smart contracts on the blockchain, the network immediately begins with serving the client. These contracts power the dapps, function day in and out and perform seamlessly till the blockchain supports these contracts

b. High Confidentiality

The transactions are secure and the data is not shared with anyone. In the dapps, users do not need to provide their personal information for using any of the app’s functions

c. No censorship

Dapps are free from censorship because no single participant is authorized to either delete or block the messages from any other participant. Users can freely submit transactions as well as read data.

d. Absolute data integrity

The data stored in a dapp remains unaltered due to cryptography features and there is no central point of failure. All this leads to no chance of the application getting hacked or being controlled by any central figure.

Get all your confusion about the dapps sorted.

3. Top DApp Development Frameworks

Here is a quick glimpse into the nature and major features of these popular frameworks for the creation of decentralized apps.

a. Hardhat


Hardhat, a JavaScript framework, helps developers in various tasks like assembling, testing, executing, and troubleshooting those decentralized applications which have been created on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Hardhat helps in managing various commitments related to building a decentralized application and smart contracts. It offers an integrated Ethereum network for the purpose of development. This platform is capable to execute high-quality debugging if a dapp application’s transaction fails, thus helping developers spot the root cause of such failure.


  • The Hardhat design is very flexible and universal.

  • Its standard library is ether.

  • Hardhat can effortlessly host our contracts, execute tests, and examine solidity programs.

  • It is meant for technical experts


  • Hardhat is a highly appreciated framework. With a large number of users on GitHub, public participation and a script “” for troubleshooting assistance are easily available.

  • Being a very popular framework for creating decentralized apps, it is updated frequently. The custom environments can be created using custom scripts and extensions in Hardhat. It has the ability to carry out typescript.

b. Truffle


Truffle is a very popular framework for building decentralized apps for the Ethereum network. It helps developers in deployment, debugging, and composition. Truffle is a user-friendly framework appreciated highly by developers who are new to building dapps.

Since Truffle is built on JavaScript, those who know Node.js have an advantage in working with Truffle.


  • The prebuilt functionality makes it very easy to compile, execute and generate smart contracts.

  • It offers automated contract testing.

  • It offers an easy and quick transition.

  • It helps in the administration of networks for open and private networks.


  • Truffle is highly popular and common as compared to its competing counterparts.

  • It uses web3.js.

  • It is easy to use and convenient for beginners.

  • It offers migration capabilities that are similar to deployment.

c. Embark



  • It helps in creating advanced decentralized apps.

  • Its web interface represents the status of all operations being managed by Embark.

  • It offers the ability to view and examine any smart contract using Cockpit’s explorer.

  • Real-time deployment and service surveillance are other features.


  • It is very easy to manage various networks like private nets, testnets, etc. with Embark.
  • The Embark display helps in tracking important information like the expiration of contracts.

d. OpenZeppelin


OpenZepplin contains built-in smart contracts which can be upgraded. It is a great platform offering tools to build and deploy decentralized applications.

It makes use of solidity language for making smart contacts. Oenzeppelin offers a whole bunch of security products that are helpful in building and inspecting operations related to the development of decentralized apps.


  • Privacy or confidentiality made possible by sharp-end contract protection is the most crucial feature of openZeppelin.

  • Openzeppelin helps in establishing proper procedures and allows group engagement because it is an open-source platform.

  • It is easy to review and improve contracts in this framework.


  • We can improve or refurbish contracts in this.

  • It offers robust security and risk analysis.

  • It carries on security assessment and finds out the level of security your decentralized application has.

  • It identifies possible code issues and offers solutions.


Decentralized apps have been getting all the attention owing to the benefits they offer. Since decentralized apps are created using frameworks, it is important for you to understand what framework and other resources you require for your app development.

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