13 Reasons: Why Laravel is the best PHP framework for web app development

Today is a digital world. Mobile & web apps run our life. Everything revolves around apps, and software development companies continuously compete against each other to build the best application that people will cherish and use daily. Hence, businesses too are progressively investing in online presence to enhance their business and reach an extended audience base.

However, building an app is not as straightforward as it seems. There are various factors one needs to be considered, along with the cost involved to build app or cost involved to build a website and finding the perfect programming language and framework is one of the most challenging aspects of the process. There are many programming languages and frameworks available to choose from.

Many web and software development companies prefer PHP to be the framework for the websites or web apps they build. However, Laravel is one of their top choices, too.

Several global businesses opt for the Laravel framework simply because of its flexibility and simplifying tasks to have resources.

In this article, we will discuss a few reasons why Laravel is the best framework for the web development of your website.

What is PHP?

PHP or Hypertext Processor is a scripting language. It is used widely in designing static or dynamic websites and web applications. The language can be embedded into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. PHP is an open-source language and runs on various platforms like Windows, Unix, Mac OS, Linux, etc.

PHP has a simple syntax, easy to learn by beginners, and has a great community online that offers help for any issues faced by developers. Since 1991, the PHP community has developed and provided some of the best PHP frameworks, including Laravel.

Why use PHP?

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It is often suggested for beginner web developers to master PHP as it is a universally acclaimed programming language that offers the simplicity of coding, easy learning, and a more agile approach that makes it more beneficial than other programming languages.
Some of its advantages are:

  • Simple & Swift
  • An open Source with exceptional community support
  • Easy integration with third-party apps
  • Rich in functionality

What is Laravel framework?


Laravel is one of the PHP frameworks developed by Taylor Otwell with the sole intention of helping website developers make complex coding simple, faster, and better. It follows agile syntax sticking to PSR-4 guidelines that speed up the development process.

Laravel is a web app development framework enjoyable for developers by eradicating all the intricacy involved in handling complex PHP code.

Laravel framework facilitates some of the commonly accomplished tasks like routing, authentication, sessions, caching, and others so that developers can concentrate on building business-related components of the app.

The framework is excellent for developers as it provides an elegant toolkit to a web app with several features required to address the audience's requirements.

Since Laravel runs in PHP, the framework works entirely on the server-side and focuses mainly on data manipulation. Laravel offers a robust back end for your website.

There are so many technical advantages that Laravel offers that it makes it the best PHP framework for 2022.

Top 13 reasons to use Laravel for web app development

Laravel Web App Development

According to a study by SimilarTech, around 136,219 websites use Laravel as their framework and 101,063 unique domains.

1. Open Source/Faster Time to Market

Though many PHP frameworks come with a price tag, Laravel is open-source and completely free. This is the most dominant feature that makes Laravel the best PHP framework.

The Laravel framework helps in designing big and intricate websites. Developers can use myriad templates with comfort and needs meagre resources too. All you need is PHP and a text editor to begin.

The framework does get periodic updates, better capabilities and custom modules as per the need of businesses.

Laravel framework has a generous community that supports it to make it more progressive and flexible.

2. Blade Template Engine

Laravel uses a Blade template engine. The Blade templating engine is pre-installed on the Laravel platform. It is simple, compelling, and helps in data management, source code processing and performance management through a text file. It adds zero upkeep to the web app and does not ban you from using simple PHP code.

Blade templating engine provides the control statements and the shortcuts as well. It also displays data and extends designs without affecting the speed and performance of the program and can also enable developers to create an innovative and unique layout using its featured content seeding.

3. Built-in Project Environment

The integrated project environment makes managing the projects effortless. Developers can work on complex projects hassle-free due to its structured coding method. Hence it is easier for developers to write code for different projects. This further leads to lower development costs and faster coding processes to complete projects on time.

4. MVC Architecture

Laravel comes with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) web architectural pattern, which makes Laravel favourable to use and fantastic in building a small-scale or comprehensive app. MVC helps you organize a big project while simplifying your coding structure for easy maintainability.

MVC support also makes it more manageable for developers to find files in logical directories. Hence, the developers can control the process of their application that appears after deploying.

MVC is powerful and aids in running robust applications.

As the name suggests, MVC divides an application into three independent layers- Model, View, and Controller, ensuring separation between the business logic and the presentation layers.

5. Testing support

One of the crucial elements for any web development process is testing. The written code must pass through all use cases formulated.

The Laravel framework guarantees excellent testing support using Laravel Dusk and Selenium. It helps ensures the code is bug-free, undertakes Unit level testing, and provides automated testing support. 

Unit tests are vital in the development cycle to ensure that all code meets quality standards before deployment. The unit tests are performed through PHPUnit, a unit testing package from PHP.

In addition, with Laravel, developers can stipulate custom test procedures according to specific application requirements. They are free to custom-build the functions that help create more refined unit tests.

6. Security

Security is a vital checkbox that needs to be considered while building a web app. It is of constitutional concern for businesses that store user data and tackle online payments.

Laravel PHP Framework takes security seriously within its framework and has several security features built within.

For example, it offers security against CSRF, CSS or SQL injection.

The Laravel framework does not permit any security threats or malware activities to penetrate inside the code.

Laravel uses the Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm for generating a hashed version of any password. The algorithm guarantees that the passwords are not saved in simple text. Thus, avoiding unapproved access to your website.

7. Automated Task Execution and Scheduling

Every web app requires a task scheduling tool to automate tasks when essential.

For example, delivering notifications to app users or database clean-up to make web apps speedy.

Laravel allows you to quickly and expressively define your command schedule within the framework. A single Cron entry is required on your server to execute the task.

This feature of the Laravel framework also helps you save on the hosting cost.

8. Object-oriented libraries and ORM

Another feature that makes Laravel the top PHP framework is its pre-installed object-oriented library. These libraries have exceptional features like- password resetting, active users monitoring, encryption mechanism, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection.

Laravel also emphasises its Eloquent Object Relationship Mapping (ORM) that helps recover data from your database quickly, facilitating the creation of the relationship between interlinking database objects.

9. Artisan commands

Another great feature of the Laravel framework is its included command-line interface called Artisan. It qualifies developers to automate tiresome and redundant programming tasks, speeding up the process of app development.

The Artisan tool can generate the MVC files and handle the data configuration management by developing its commands.

It uses a powerful Symfony Console component to build the application and help in data migration and management.

10. Database migration

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Laravel Framework makes database migration uncomplicated. It solves any compatibility issues between databases such as SQL Server or MySQL. It also ensures an effortless flow when switching databases by changing details regarding the configurations of Laravel.

To sum it all up,

Laravel is one of the most versatile and great frameworks used in developing web applications. It is functional, flexible, and offers excellent opportunities for building custom-built applications, be it an online web application or a mobile app.

Laravel has remarkable features that provide an out-of-the-box. Laravel 7.12 comes with new features like TrueHosts Middleware, foundation function, rebinding methods, and usage of default URL in Routing, which can help fix bugs during and after the app development process.

The framework makes developing applications and websites a breeze. In addition, it is scalable and can handle additional traffic.

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