Conversation with loved one or everyone

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Conversation with loved one or everyone


Want to send email as an Anonymous User ? If Yes, then eMailer is where you need to be. A product which runs on web and provides a email service for the user without exposing their identities.


This product was developed keeping in view to get unbiased feedback , ratings ,comments for products as well as employee peer review. This product can help secure real feedback from company employees by maintain their privacy as they can speak their heart out as an Anonymous User

  • Conversation: User can start a conversation with other user through Emailer.
  • Private User: Send can hide his/her identity and send email messages without exposing their email id’s.
  • Rate User: User can rate another user along with a message which can be emailed to multiple people at same time.
  • E-Mail Listing: Register user can view the list of received emails with rating.