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Project Overview

Brokersumo is a one-stop solution to manage the commissions, accounting, and back office services for real estate brokerages and agents. It has a robust system to automatically calculate agent commissions, create commission disbursements, track credits and debits and pay agents directly through ACH transfer.

Technology Stack
  • Java Dropwizard
  • Angular JS
Project Type
  • Real Estate Back Office Management Solution
Projection Duration
  • 6 years

Our challenge was to create versatile and end-to-end real estate back office management software that could meet all the requirements without the need to depend on external resources.


We adopted the approach of incremental development wherein we worked on identifying the intricacies and problems that real estate companies experience in running operations smoothly and built the product respectively.


The value imparted by Brokersumo is evident from the fact that there is no other one-stop solution like Brokersumo in the market. It is a self-sufficient solution that streamlines the accounting processes of real estate companies in a simplified and highly efficient manner.


The Solution

We have created a web application where real estate companies can manage everything from:

Onboarding agents

Companies can complete the onboarding process using various document creation templates and getting the documents e-signed by the corresponding agent.

Entering their transaction data

Brokersumo allows maintenance of all transaction records along with calculating respective commission disbursements of different agents

Paying out their agents

Real estate companies can directly pay their agents their commissions.

Charging the agents

Real estate companies can deduct monthly charges from the agents directly from their credit cards.

Filing the taxes

Real estate companies can also file their taxes directly from brokersumo


Multiple consolidated reports related to each company are generated.


Multiple integrations are the major highlight of Brokersumo. Brokers or real estate company can sync all their transaction data into Quickbooks, and Zoho Reports. Apart from this, Brokersumo provides Dotloop integration, and EZ Coordinator integration to import data from these platforms into Brokersumo.

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