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Client: Australia

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Project Overview

Carers Couch is a digital platform that connects the carers of cancer patients to other carers and a vast number of service providers.
With this platform, carers need to look no further, as Carers Couch acts as a dedicated space for unpaid carers to receive mental support and access different resources on the go.

Technology Stack
  • .Net
  • Ionic
  • Angular
  • SQL Server
Project Type
  • Medical
Projection Duration
  • 4 years

Caregiving can be a long and tedious process. Our client envisioned a platform for cancer patient carers that could help manage the caregiving process effectively on the go without missing on anything while being able to live a normal life apart from being a carer.


We devised a digital system that took care of all the aspects of the caregiving process ranging from getting emotional support, a support shop for services access, and interactive cards for easy conversations,


Being a carer for a long period of time can be emotionally taxing, but with a solution like Carers Couch, sharing concerns and finding solutions becomes a breeze for caregivers.


The Solution

We have created an intuitive and easy-to-navigate website that represents all the varied services that Carers can have access to in an easy and efficient manner.

The main elements include:
A mobile app

We have created a well-designed page representing all the features of the mobile app of Carers Couch. There is a clear understanding of all the features of the mobile app in an easy-to-grab manner.

A support shop

The support shop is a great way to have access to myriad service providers that a caregiver might need in the future and be unaware of. We have represented the entire information along with creating a contact us forms to avail of these services.

Tailored support

Tailored support is a great feature that helps carers develop a support map by sharing their concerns with experienced support coordinators and getting in touch with respective service providers or supporters. The design represents various elements of tailored support in a simple yet impactful way.

Conversation cards

We have carefully incorporated all the information about the relevance of the conversation cards and their role in managing the treatment process better. We have created a digital form and a system for ordering these cards through the platform.

The Results

Needless to say, this client was smiling from ear to ear!

30% growth in Carer Satisfaction and Support

100% growth in revenue for Carers Couch as a new stream of income was added

Improved staff efficiency by 30%, by adding automated responses to support customers proactively

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