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A digital platform to support caregivers in their journey.

Project Overview

Carers Couch, an AI-driven platform, expertly connects individuals with compatible therapists through expertise-based filtering. Ensuring precise matches for effective case management, we offer a secure 24/7 video calling feature for instant mental health support. The innovative Therapeutic Alliance Score enables users to monitor progress, enhancing the overall effectiveness of our platform.



  • • Dot Net • Ionic • Angular • SQL Server
Growth Tracking


growth in Carer Satisfaction and Support


growth in revenue witnessed


increase in staff efficiency through automation

Delving into the thought process behind our Work

Problem Statement

Our client envisioned a sophisticated caregiving platform for cancer patient carers, streamlining tasks on the go. Balance caregiving responsibilities seamlessly, enabling a normal life alongside dedicated support.

Our Approach

We developed a comprehensive digital system addressing all aspects of caregiving – emotional support, a service-access support shop, and interactive cards for facilitating easy and meaningful conversations.


Carers Couch eases the emotional toll on long-term caregivers. Our solution facilitates effortless sharing of concerns and finding practical solutions, offering valuable support to those dedicated to caregiving.



We created an intuitive mobile app for streamlined access to varied services.
The support shop connects caregivers with essential service providers via contact forms.
Tailored support allows the creation of personalized support maps.
Conversation cards' role in treatment management is explained with a convenient digital ordering system.

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