An automated solution to streamline wholesale business processes.

Project Overview

The Bean cartel is a platform that allows business operations management for a coffee wholesaler in Australia. Our client wanted us to create a system to manage orders for different coffee retailers in an effective manner. The idea was to replace manual tasks like receiving orders on calls and maintaining delivery records through a digital system.



  • • Angular JS • Dot Net MVC • SQL Server
Growth Tracking


drop in staff theft of inventory


cost saving by process automation


increase in revenue by streamlining delivery runs

Delving into the thought process behind our Work

Problem Statement

The challenge at hand is the manual management of a coffee wholesaler's business, necessitating the creation of a digital system to address its unique complexities and improve overall operational efficiency.

Our Approach

We focused on two things mainly- one was to establish a communication platform regarding orders and delivery status between wholesaler and retailer. The other was to manage inventory smartly through a QR code-based method.


This automated system has reduced the scope of human errors to a large extent along with keeping the wholesaler and retailers on the same page regarding order requirements and deliveries at all times.



We devised a comprehensive solution for wholesale coffee management, introducing two mobile apps for drivers and retailers, and a web portal for wholesalers. The portal enables manual client addition, order processing, and integrates seamlessly with Xero for automated invoices. Driver and customer apps streamline order updates and delivery tracking, ensuring efficient operations.

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