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Magmaker Editions is a super simple, completely cloud-based digital publishing solution designed so you can manage your apps and issues from anywhere. All of the magMaker Editions features can be configured in the cloud. It is a SaaS solution which enables magazine publishers to upload their magazine PDF's onto the platform and have their digital issues released and available for purchase and download on their custom apps for iPad, iPhone and Android tablets. It also provides an ability to view issues on the web viewer on the desktop.


  • We needed to build a web based magazine editior completely in HTML, css and javascript.
  • The editor had to have ability to create magazine pages, create interactivity, add videos and pictures etc.
  • All the magazines created on the editor then had to be bundled in such a way so that they can be downloaded and read on the mobile devices.
  • The magazines had to be bundled in separate packages optimized for different devices i.e. kindle, ipad, iphone, android tablet etc.
  • Complete solution had to be built on cloud. The magazines had to be securely stored over cloud to ensure high availability over devices.
  • Seperate interfaces were to be built for puiblishers and the in-house publishing team.
  • All the applications metrics had to be tracked and displayed over the admin panel.
  • Payment for the magazines had to be integrated.
  • Publishers had to be given ability to upload their Magazine PDF's

Our Solution

We built a exhaustive system on HTML, javascript, css and JAVA backend to handle all the needs of a pubnlishing company. The solution was built as a SaaS solution to enable multiple publishers to use it.

  • Automated shell scripts were in written to process the magazine issues and create bundles for all the devices.
  • An exhaustive and highly interactive magazine editor was built completely on HTML, CSS and Javascript to enable the publisher to create magazine pages, add interactivity, photos, videos and text on those pages.
  • Loads of controls and options were given to the publisher to edit and design their magazine pages in the most creative manner.
  • Made separate process flows for publishers wishing to create their magazines on our editor and for those who wanted to upload a previously designed PDF file into our system and then carry on from their.
  • Made automated scripts to process PDF files uploaded by publishers into our system and editor. Once processed, the publisher can now use the editor to further enhance the magazine by adding videos and interactivity.
  • Publisher were given the ability to choose which devices they wanted to release their issues, all from the publisher interface.
  • Real time metrics of the publisher apps is made available to the publishers.
  • Real time revenue reports are available against magazine issues for the publishers.
  • Users can purchase single issues or subscription from the system for the magazines.
  • Publishers were given the option to set their issue and subscription prices and also whether to sell a particular issue alone or in subscription or both.


The solution met with a positive response from the top publishing houses in many countries. Many top magazines like "The Wedding Planner", "Parent & Child", "Men's Health", "Forex Journal", "asiaSpa", "Latina Magazine", "Healthy Living", "Destin Asian", "Newark Bound", "Prestige", "North Carolina", "HQ Interactive" and loads more have already adopted the system and have their own customized magMaker apps on the app stores selling their latest issues.

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