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Client: Australia

Project Overview

RubySoda is a new-age shopping platform that bridges the gap between customers and retailers by bringing fashion influencers into the scene.

Considering the fact, that influencers have a great role in impacting where a buyer puts their money, RubySoda facilitates growth for retailers by allowing influencers market for them. It helps customers stay on top of their fashion game through influencer-guided shopping.

Technology Stack
  • Angular 12
  • Dot Net MVC
  • SQL Server
Project Type
  • Fashion Industry
Projection Duration
  • 3 years

The main challenge was to establish a perfect solution for retailers, influencers, and shoppers. Our client wanted us to develop a system that could help retailers get a quick insight into the business coming from each influencer.


We created an intuitive shopping website bringing perfect coordination between shoppers, influencers, and retailers and serving the best interests of all three simultaneously. Shoppers can choose to ‘shop by influencer’ or ‘shop by brand’ and get the necessary insight before making any purchase.


RubySoda has added to the sales and revenue of retailers manifold by making the shopping experience insightful for customers as well as saving money that was otherwise being paid to influencers individually by them for marketing on various platforms. Customer satisfaction is undoubtedly increased by 100 percent.


The Solution

We have created an intuitive shopping website that accentuates the shopping experience of people and drives growth for retailers and influencers.

Features for different stakeholders are:
For the Customer

RubySoda customers can hardly go wrong with their shopping choices because they get a clear idea from influencer-guided shopping on how a particular piece is going to look and what is the best way to pull it off.

For retailers

RubySoda is an efficient platform for Retailers as they can steer business growth by associating with influencers. It is structured to provide sales matrics and user insights in regard to each influencer.

For influencers

RubySoda is a great platform for influencers to take control of their career through sustainable income as well as get useful insight into their genuine followers.

The Results

Needless to say, this client was smiling from ear to ear!

Unique Business Model providing 100% growth in revenue at launch

50% cost saving in tracking Influencer engagement with the brand

200% revenue growth for brands working with Ruby Soda

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