How can big data help your mobile app succeed?

By Yashpal Singla

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What is Big Data?


Consumers around the world are creating a huge amount of data every minute. During any activity like sending an email, making an online purchase, walking into a store, using a mobile app, getting information from a customer care professional, etc, data is being produced and stored.

This humungous amount of structured or unstructured data which offers a lot of variety and is being produced in great volumes with an ever-increasing velocity is called Big Data.

This large and complex set of data when analyzed can provide useful insights into customer requirements and behaviors and help businesses strategize accordingly to achieve success. But analyzing this data using traditional methods is almost impossible.

Technology has made it possible to analyze these terabytes of data into actionable sights using the Big Data Analytics process.

Why is Big Data Analytics important for Mobile App Development?


Mobile apps have gained centre stage in the lives of human beings in this age. We depend on them for every aspect of our life be it health, entertainment, shopping, relationship building, and whatnot. In this scenario, the large amount of data collected can become the success igniting fuel for the mobile app development industry.

By studying Big Data analytics, developers can get an understanding of customer behavior and what is appealing to the users the most at a given time. They can incorporate those elements in their applications to achieve better user attention and engagement through the mobile apps they develop.

Let us learn about the role of big data in mobile app development in detail.

Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development


Mobile apps are a big rage among people these days and for obvious reasons. The ease and access that mobile apps provide to a plethora of services and amenities is incredible. But not all mobile apps get the same kind of love from the users. Because not all apps are fast, easy to use, visually appealing, free from bugs and meet customer requirements.

More so, in the dynamic technological sphere, technology is constantly evolving and customer behavior is changing. Proper strategy formulation becomes essential for companies for efficient mobile app development.

Looking for mobile app development company leveraging big data?

Here is how big data impacts mobile app development.

a. Understanding the target audience

Before getting started with mobile app development, it is crucial to understand how people from different age groups and demographics engage with mobile apps. Big Data analytics can provide useful insights into the behavior of customers belonging to different groups and help mobile app development companies underline the aspects they must be focussing on. This helps them develop innovative mobile apps.

For example- Uber makes use of analytics like the traffic conditions, availability of other cab providers in the area, and the expected journey time before actually giving an estimate on the price they will charge for a particular ride.

b. Providing better UI/UX analysis

Data-driven designing plays an important role in understanding user behavior and using this information to provide an improved experience to the users. An app that has the latest design interface definitely gets more attention from customers.

Big Data provides insights into those elements of the UI/UX where people tend to spend most of their time. By understanding this, they can curate their mobile apps to provide an engaging experience to the users.

c. Offering a personalized experience

Personalization has gained increased importance with life becoming busier and people’s attention span decreasing. Getting to see relevant and suitable content as soon as a user starts engaging with a mobile app is a win-win situation. Big Data analytics provides useful insights into the likes, dislikes, and preferences of users to the companies so that they can leverage this information for a better user experience.

These days, all famous shopping apps like Amazon have been leveraging these analytics to provide product recommendations based on the purchase history of the users. This makes the shopping experience interactive and easy for the customer.

d. Facilitates mindful end-to-end marketing

Big Data allows companies to have some constructive information through the feature of predictive analysis. It can predict beforehand the likelihood and amount of success your app will have and what measures can be taken to improve the success rate.

Data mitigation services are another advantage offered by Big Data which allows easier transfer of data from one app to another. This way companies can conduct targeted marketing campaigns at various channels at the same time.

Big data analytics allows companies to understand customer purchase behavior and other significant demographic data. Companies can channel their marketing campaigns accordingly by offering better pricing, content sharing, etc

e. Offering real-time data analysis

Big Data analytics help companies get real-time data evaluation as the technological realm is ever evolving and people’s behavior changes accordingly. Real-time data analysis facilitates an understanding of the latest trends and customer preferences. Companies can improve their sales by making calculated decisions at the right time based on data analytics.

Fitness tracking apps are the perfect example to understand real-time data analysis. Basically, these apps track different elements like sleeping hours, food eaten, physical activity level, etc. This data is then analyzed and inform to the user if there is anything to be concerned or careful about from the fitness perspective.

f. Guides in social media strategy

The power of social media needs no proof these days. Social media's impact on a business can make or mar any business. Big data allows companies to track different social media mentions of their products in the form of reviews, feedback, etc.

Understanding the social media image of a brand can help companies utilize this information in an innovative manner to market their product.

Get your customized mobile app based on the latest data trends.


The impact of big data on mobile app development is huge. It is a great way for companies to stay competitive by offering value and relevant features in their mobile app.

If you have a product or business idea you are willing to digitize in the form of a mobile app, make sure you ask your mobile app development company to leverage big data analytics for churning out the most useful insights about how your mobile app should look like and what should be its defining features.

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