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Nov 11, 2021

Top 7 mobile app development trends in 2022

The unprecedented times brought by the COVID-19 pandemic were terrible times for all of us. No matter which industry or location, it has affected everyone around the globe. These difficult times triggered many changes in the global market, and the first one is in mobile applications.

Mobile apps are one of the most outstanding technological innovations of all time. It changed the way we work, shop, and communicate; mobile apps changed everything. Mobile app development is one of the fastest-growing industries due to its increasing popularity.

2021 saw an exceeding number of apps and net usage. This number will only grow in 2022 and the coming years.

iotasol did extensive research and identified the top 7 trends in mobile app development in 2022.

1. M-commerce

Similar to e-commerce, M-commerce is now gaining popularity. The pandemic triggered a spike in the use of mobile apps globally. The consumers and retailers both were “forced” to go online. Research says M-Commerce accounts for 72.9% of global e-commerce sales so far. The industry is expecting to generate billions of revenues by 2021 that will continue to grow. Businesses that already have e-commerce are now focusing on promoting mobile commerce.

Two main ways are by PWA (Progressive web application) and developing own mobile apps. It is a great way to switch from e-commerce to M-Commerce. Entrepreneurs who want to succeed choose the mobile processor to promote M-Commerce.


BYOD (Bring Your Device), a trend where everyone - from large companies to small startups, plans to enter into the possibilities of bringing their device (BYOD). Even the companies allow their employees to use their smartphones and tablet devices for corporate work, helping save a lot on device purchases.

However, BYOD has its pros and cons. If you hire a talented BYOD application development company, all the holes in the foundation will be closed and fixed correctly. BYOD has been on the rise, and soon we can see this as one of the notable impacts of mobile technology on business.


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3. 5G Technology

We have aware of 5G technology coming to our routine life, and 2021 has seen it roll out for real. With the need for better, faster, secure ways of staying at home and working remotely, reliable connectivity and more bandwidth have become a prerequisite. Humans have been more relying on their gadgets like phones, laptops, tablets than ever.

Today businesses cannot manage to stay disconnected at all and, 5G deployments have become a critical part of being the solution. As we collectively continue to work and manage school from our homes, the value of 5G will become increasingly mainstream in 2021. Meanwhile, major telecom device brands like Samsung, Apple, Sony are prepping up for this enormous change and help make 5G affordable to many smartphone users.

4. Edge Computing

By definition, Edge Computing is a distributed IT architecture that moves computing resources from clouds and data centres as close as possible to the originating source (source: The main goal is to reduce latency requirements while processing data and saving network costs. Nevertheless, the companies too save money by processing data locally.

5. Beacon

Beacons are wireless transmitters that send signals to nearby smartphones using low-energy Bluetooth technology. It is a great tech tool for binding online and offline worlds. Many sectors, like museums, hotels, healthcare and tourism, now use beacon technology in their applications.

The capacity of beacons is much higher. In conjunction with IoT in retail, it can be used to provide valuable information such as sales data and any other offers that may be available nearby.

In future, Beacons will be seen in use for routine activities like mobile payments, ML (Machine Learning), and many more!

6. Chat Bots

Today, people need quick solutions and do not have much time to call the support line. Hence, in such scenarios, Chatbots come handy and act as a great virtual assistant. Especially for startups, chatbots are a valuable tool. You can have your chatbot running in no time with the flutter app development services. Many enterprises have started integrating them.

These bots communicate with the user with the help of texting, and they make sure you don’t miss a query from customers.

This approach saves time and resources for both the customer and the company by solving most of the problems through a single interaction with chatbots.

7. eMobile Wallets

e-Mobile wallets such as Google Pay, PhonePay and Amazon Pay are trending in users today as more and more people opt for a cashless payment approach. The use spiked up, especially during the covid pandemic; it was a safer bet compared to cash or handing out their credit cards.

E-Mobile wallets are very popular with core users. Users don’t want to have to use their credit cards or worry about currency exchange as the economies of different countries are improving. For quick transactions, they prefer to pay via the mobile wallet.

The instalment process is faster and easier and lets users pay on the go!


It is essential to keep up with the current trends and technologies in order to stay ahead of the changing demands of customers and other competitors. Mobile applications are getting more popular, and every company wants to develop a mobile app. Companies now started believing that mobile apps are the key to success and boost business growth and productivity.

While there are many more trends you would want to know more about; these are the 7 best application development trends to follow in 2022

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