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Forklift Tracking Solution for a large Supply Chain Company

Project Overview

In a dynamic warehouse environment, forklifts are essential for efficient operations, yet they also pose significant safety risks. Frequent forklift movements can lead to accidental collisions with merchandise or other materials, resulting in damage and potential safety hazards. Our client, a leading logistics company, sought a solution to enhance safety and accountability by tracking forklift operations and associating incidents with specific operators. The goal was to develop a comprehensive system that not only detected and recorded impacts but also provided actionable insights to prevent future incidents. By leveraging advanced IoT technology, iotasol aimed to create a robust system that ensured real-time monitoring, incident detection, and detailed reporting to improve overall warehouse safety and efficiency

Growth Tracking


Improvement in Asset Utilization


Reduction in forklift downtime


Improvement in fuel efficiency


Difficulty in accurately associating forklifts with specific drivers, leading to accountability issues and challenges in determining responsibility for incidents.

Limited capability to detect and record forklift collisions and impacts in real-time, resulting in delays in incident response and mitigation.


Cloud solution boosts agility and speed-to-market

iotasol's solution involved deploying an advanced IoT-based tracking system to monitor and analyze forklift activities in real-time. Each forklift was equipped with motion sensors and Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to detect movements and impacts. Additionally, RFID tags were installed on both the forklifts and the drivers' ID badges, ensuring unique identification and association of each forklift with its operator. A network of RFID readers and antennas was strategically placed throughout the warehouse to provide accurate, real-time localization of both forklifts and drivers, particularly when an impact occurred. This setup allowed for continuous monitoring of forklift movements and interactions within the warehouse, facilitating immediate detection of collisions or unusual activities.


The telemetry data collected from the motion sensors and RFID tags were routed through an IoT Edge server, which preprocessed and transmitted the data to the cloud. The IoT Edge server sent the raw telemetry data to the IoT Hub, where Azure Stream Analytics and other Azure services processed the information. These cloud-based services analyzed the data to create associations between forklifts, drivers, and detected impacts or accidents, ensuring precise documentation of each incident. An operational dashboard developed using Power BI on the iotasol IoT platform provided detailed event analysis reports. This dashboard offered warehouse managers insights into incident patterns, driver behavior, and overall safety performance, enabling informed decision-making for implementing safety improvements.



  • Enhanced accountability by associating each forklift with a specific driver.

  • Real-time detection of impacts and incidents, allowing for immediate response.

  • Reduced downtime and mitigated damage from collisions.

  • Comprehensive event analysis reports provided valuable insights into incident patterns.

  • Improved driver behavior through increased accountability.

  • Informed decision-making for implementing preventive safety measures.

  • Overall improvement in warehouse safety and operational efficiency.

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