Project Overview

A prominent commercial farm owner wanted to streamline livestock management by implementing a streamlined solution that provides real-time health monitoring for the herd. The goal was to enhance operational efficiency, improve herd health, and ultimately increase profitability by leveraging advanced technology.

Growth Tracking


Reduction in contagious Disease Spread


Increase in Calving Success Rates


Improvement in feed efficiency

Key Challenges

Difficulty in monitoring the health status of each animal in a large herd for timely action.

Challenge in accurately locating animals spread across an extensive farm.


iotasol's IoT Sensor-Based Bolus System - Herdtrack

iotasol developed Herdtrack, a comprehensive livestock health tracking solution tailored to meet the client's needs. Herdtrack utilizes ergonomic, bullet-shaped bolus implants made from medical-grade plastic, placed in the cows' rumen using a bolus gun. These boluses continuously monitor temperature fluctuations and physical activities of each animal using a gyroscope and accelerometer sensor infusion. The data collected is instantly transmitted to the herd manager via iotasol's Tara RF Network, ensuring the battery life lasts for years.

Herdtrack's sophisticated algorithms establish a temperature baseline to account for natural fluctuations, ensuring only significant changes trigger alerts. This real-time monitoring system enables early disease detection, accurate calving predictions, and effective management of environmental stressors.



Early Disease Detection: Identified health issues before outward signs of illness appeared, reducing disease spread and mortality rates.

Accurate Calving Predictions: Improved planning and productivity through precise calving time predictions.

Cost Savings: Reduced disease spread and dependence on antibiotics, lowering overall costs.

Enhanced Veterinarian Access: Enabled remote data access for veterinarians, leading to faster diagnosis and treatment.

Labor Efficiency: Reduced labor requirements as manual inspections were not required anymore.

Operational Efficiency: Streamlined day-to-day operations and optimized resource management, ultimately maximizing profits.

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