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Being in the software development business for more than 12 years, we come across some common questions from almost all our clients. Here, we have answered the most frequently asked Questions regarding our software development services.


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New user? Let's get started with these basics.

We are a custom software development company and create tailor-made solutions considering the unique needs of every client.We specialize in
  • website and mobile app development and create an impactful digital presence for businesses.
  • Business review and consultation by analyzing your business processes and offering insight on key improvement areas.
  • Software development for replacing manual business processes with ingenious digital solutions.
  • Developing eCommerce websites and apps for better reach to customers.

We use the technologies like Asp.Net, Java, Spring MVC, Python, Php, Angular JS, React JS, VUE JS, Android, Flutter, and Ionic

You will always stay an integral voice throughout the project development. We will collaborate with you from the early phase of the project and carry out meetings to understand your idea and vision behind that.
We will pour in our insights to help bring your idea to life in the best possible form. Once that is done, an MVP is defined and we start the development. We deliver the software in phases and believe in getting monthly or fortnightly feedback from our clients so that the end product meets their requirements. So, you will have full control over the project throughout the development period.

After delivering your app, we provide complete technical support and maintenance for your app. We act as stable technical partners for our clients if they want us to be. And we are always functional towards evolving and upgrading the application as per the latest technologies. We assist the next steps from technical as well as business standpoints, us being experts in both.
If you want to manage your application yourself, we anyway provide our clients with all the documentation, source code, and technical data. Even then, we are always available for any kind of help.

We create highly customizable plans fitting almost any budget. A quick conversation can help our team figure out the best possible solution for your needs, including the functionality and platforms required, any desire to monetize the app, and other factors defining the overall scope of the project, and customize a plan accordingly. Get in touch with us and get a quote best suiting your unique needs.

The very first step we take in a project is to thoroughly understand the idea and vision of every client. We collaborate with our clients in a way that their mission becomes our mission so that the ultimate goal behind a product can be achieved.

Client satisfaction is of paramount importance for us and we achieve this through proactive communication after short intervals to showcase our developmental milestones and receive their feedback. Along with this, maintaining a cloud-based code repository and keeping ourselves updated in an ever-changing technological space helps us achieve this

We engage with our clients at the early stages of development and discuss what they are trying to accomplish through their digital product or what problem they are trying to solve through it. We decide on the relevant technological platform based on the potential of the app, the target audience, features as well as cost considerations also matter. Above all, we always develop an MVP before going full phase. It allows the client to see what they can sell and they can also receive the feedback of alphas and beta clients

Yes, we have created many applications using these technologies and these are the future technologies, it will be difficult to imagine any app without these

At the start of every project, a dedicated project manager is assigned who acts as the contact person for the client and communicates the requirements as well as supervises the progress of the project team.

Our top 5 domain specializations are Telehealth, Property Management, Bespoke applications, CRM, and Social Media

The major point of difference is that native apps have to be built separately for each platform using the tools specific to that platform. Whereas, hybrid apps can be created using a single base code and can run seamlessly on all platforms.
The choice is made on the basis of your business needs. If your app is going to be data-intensive, a hybrid is preferred. If your app has some hardware dependency, then native is the preferred choice.
Hybrid apps are cost-effective and easy to maintain as compared to native apps.

You get a one-stop solution for all your requirements. We do not just develop the solution, we become partners in whatever our client is trying to deliver through the software solution. We work with the latest technologies and always keep our clients in the loop throughout the project trajectory.

Definitely. We are always happy to improve and upgrade our work with the latest technologies.

Before promising a timeline to our clients, we discuss the whole project with them and define an MVP. After that, MVP is divided into phases and developmental milestones. Time is calculated for each developmental milestone which is followed by quality assurance checks and feedback from clients to make sure we are on the right track.

We make sure all of our projects serve the purpose with which they were initiated in the first place. We are proud of the fact that many ideas that we developed for our clients are multi-million dollar businesses today and we are still working in collaboration with them.

We are just an email away always. We are ready to extend help for as much or as little as you want. We have been doing this for years and you can stay rest assured that we will be right there whenever the need be.

We are a family of more than 100 people consisting of developers, quality analysts, designers, and project managers. This talent pool comes from varied backgrounds from different parts of India and some of them are operating from overseas. Moreover, we are growing in number each day.

No, there is no obligation on our clients to host their website with us. But if you're interested then we can help you with it.

We use our custom CMS for clients which we feel is better than WordPress in terms of flexibility and security. but if our clients choose to stick with WordPress, then we are more than happy to deliver their projects using WordPress

We follow the Agile project management style. We develop the digital product in phases and continuously ask for feedback from clients leading to incremental changes for improvement as and when needed. This is a great way of keeping our clients in the loop on the progress status of the project. At the same time, it ensures that the final product matches the client requirements.

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