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Here are the Key Services we offer:


Digital Transformation

The adoption of digital technology to either transform services or businesses through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer technology is what Digital Transformation is all about. Digital Transformation helps empower businesses with a digital presence. Whether your business is small or big, traditional or modern, Iotasol is here to help you transform from paper-based processes to a digital system. All we need is your ideas, and our team will remodel them into reality. Digital Transformation is a much-acknowledged service that we have to offer, as this helps them keep their existing workflow intact while making minor changes here and there.


Digital Product Development

Developing a product from an idea is probably the most fun for our team. We technically live to build things from scratch. We understand the client's view, create wireframes, and finally fill colours in the outline, once approved by them. Especially favoured by young entrepreneurs, they want their product to be more different from what is already available in the market.


Knowledge Process Outsourcing

While this is the newest entry in the services we offer, we are pretty good at it. Mundane tasks like data entry, chasing your customers to submit documents or even posting regular posts on social media for your company. We can do it all. Hiring an assistant to do the clerical jobs is not always a viable solution, and many choose to outsource it; that is where we come into the picture! Be rest assured with all the back-end jobs for any of your tasks, as our much-talented team will get it done for you.


Technology Outsourcing

Many businesses look to outsource their IT processes as the needs, capabilities, and scope constantly change. We use our technology, experience and innovation to provide our customers with flexible IT solutions that will work with them instead of becoming a drain on resources. By outsourcing technology processes, they can focus on their business with absolute peace of mind as we'd be taking care of the ever-changing technology. Our technology expertise enables your organisation to continue to grow while you focus on steering your organisation in the right direction and maintaining a smooth course through any changes that may arise. Our focus is that your business remains efficient, compliant and forward-moving in an ever-changing world.

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