Iotasol aids in Disrupting Australia's Dry-Cleaning Space

Dry cleaning business has been around for many centuries now and is one of the fast-growing ones. But Aaron Pino, the owner and CEO of iBAG, a dry-cleaning company in Australia, wanted to do something more than just mere provide dry cleaning services; he wanted to bring convenience to his customers. He pitched the idea for an application that would enable the end-users to have their laundry be picked up and delivered at their doorstep, all while being able to manage their payments digitally and not worry to having carry the change!

iBAG is a smart dry-cleaning app built by Iotasol. This app enables the customer to create an order with as much, or as little detail as he’d like, while being able to manage his profile on-the-go, see his order history and store multiple collection addresses. It is first in class to offer an app-based pick-up and delivery service in Australia. Further to offering pickup, iBAG is integrated with various last mile locker providers.

The app also has an alternative of door-to-door pick-up and drop facility, known as ‘Service Pick-up'. This amenity is for those customers who do not have locker system in their buildings or live nearby.

On a brighter side, IBAG has recently started offering last mile pickup and delivery in 101 Collins St, Melbourne which is considered to be one of the most premium and prestigious buildings in Melbourne CBD. This has been made possible by doing an end-to-end integration with the locker providers.

There is also a driver app created for the drivers, which helps them to know where to pick-up and drop customer’s laundry. They also are notified about which route has been assigned to them on a daily basis in the very app.

Using the latest technology, a POS (Point-of-sale) system was also built for managing the in-store orders and syncing them with the app-based order. The front desk simply has to scan the bar-code on the bag and add the total number of clothes per customer. The application is programmed in such a way that the customers are notified at each step of their laundry process.

iBAG application is supported on both Android as well as iOS mobile phones. For people who are not friendly with the cell phone apps, can make use of ‘Web booking’ facility, which is on the company’s website

In these covid-19 times, what better service than your laundry being picked and dropped at your location in a safe and secure manner? iBAG ensures all the safety norms be followed and that maximum precaution is taken in consideration while handling all your orders.

To know more about the product, or to start using it, visit them at their website now!

Interested in reading the success story in Aaron’s own words, follow the link to read the blog.

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