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Sep 20, 2021

How much would it cost to develop a website in 2022?

A common question (apart from how much it cost to build a mobile application ), we often hear is: How much does it cost to build a website?

In this blog, we will be answering this question and help you put your money where it matters.

After ten years of being in business, everything from mobile application development to building digital products, we have made all the usual mistakes, which means we can help you avoid them in the first time.

But before we dive deep into this, let us tell you why it is essential to have a website in today's world of technology? It does not matter whether you operate your business online or offline having a website is most crucial; it helps people find you better and reach the maximum audience across the globe.

The results? You have customers around the world and booming business! 

So now, how can you jump on the digital train and have a brilliantly developed website? What would it cost you?

Firstly, let us look at some factors that decide the cost of the overall project of building a website:

Web Design:

One of the most crucial parts while developing a website plus deciding the cost. The design can be standard/professional/custom. The standard one has basic designing and features, albeit the professional one has a better appearance and a polished user interface, and custom website design is where the elements can be mixed and matched from both the standard plus professional looks.

Website Maintenance:

Maintaining a website is another vital aspect. The website has to be regularly updated. Not only the content but also other elements like the SSL certificate requires a timely update.

Business Type:

Is your business small/corporate/e-commerce? The type of website is also a price deciding factor.

While these are three main factors, let us look at some others who play a fundamental role in deciding the overall cost.

The number of pages:

A website can be either single or multiple pages. A single-page website is generally just for information purposes, where one can download the mobile application, fill a form, or so.

Database Integration:

How well do you wish your data on the website to be integrated? Basic, Advanced or Full.


What kind of style do you want to implement on your website? Simple, high-end, professional.

One can opt for one of the three ways to build a website:

The method you choose decides on the overall investment required. For example, using a web builder and doing it yourself would cost you nothing and take time, whereas a web designer can cost you few thousand dollars.


Do you own a customer attracting website? If not, then

Start one with Iotasol

Well, we'll walk you through each option and help you make the best decision for your business!

Using a Website Builder:

The website builder is probably the most cost-efficient way to build a website and, rather good option for people looking to build a personal website or portfolio and technical novices. It is not free, and the charges vary per the package one wants to opt for and are often pre-built with selected elements, have fixed rates for each component and have some add-ons not included.

Using WordPress:

If you are looking for a customized website or the focus is on blogging, then WordPress is a great option. It gives control in your hand with both - design as well as budget. WordPress as a platform is free of cost, and many of the themes and plugins are free of charge too, this helps to get a lot more in zero investment for the basics themselves. However, hosting the website is something you would have to remunerate for. The overall cost depends on the provider; one can choose any based on his choice.

Using a Web designer/Web designer agency:

The most chosen option by most businesses; here, you might end up paying a huge chunk of money for both the contract as well as an ongoing fee, but the result would be worth it. The website will be worked upon by experienced professionals without you worrying about the technical details like coding, designing, maintaining and so on.

When it comes to estimating the total budget, every company has their methodology to do so.

Iotasol has been in this business for over a decade now, and we have developed numerous websites for a variety of niches. We are with our customers for every step to help and guide them, ensuring that the journey is smooth and fulfilling.

If you are looking to build a fascinating website for your business or otherwise, Contact us now! We offer very competitive pricing and are the best in town!

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