How exactly digital transformation works?

Businesses are ready to do the digital shift in their business and most of the time they are not even worried about the cost and change it involves. Whereas, they actually lack the awareness related to how it will happen and where to start. At Iotasol, we divide this whole process into 3 simple steps - 3D Approach and make it possible for each business to introspect and take this vital move for their business.

Let’s dig into these 3 simple steps we named as a 3D Approach to achieve the Digital Transformation for your Business


Question and doubt your processes

Every Business Owner  needs to closely monitor their business processes and answer a few general questions on how effective there processes are:

  • Are you able to reach your existing customers on a regular basis? 
  • How are you attracting new customers?
  • Are you managing your product inventory/other records in your business manually using paper or spreadsheets?
  • Is it possible for you to automate the order taking process and manage your inventory? If applicable.
  • Can you serve more customers without additional staff?
  • Do you think there are processes and steps which can be made redundant?
  • Do you think the cost of your service/products could be reduced through automation?
  • Are you taking approvals from different people/departments at different stages for the delivery?
  • Are you managing the deadlines and deliveries using paper forms or spreadsheets?

These are a few of the general questions and if you don’t have an answer to any of the questions above, or the process is currently manual, then you are ready for Digital Transformation. The first step for achieving this is to layout and document all the processes that you currently have in your business.

What are the steps that you take in your existing delivery model?

Question every step and isolate steps that are:

  • time-consuming, 
  • cost-ineffective, 
  • involve multiple people, approvals, status updates, etc.


Identify the right people and Discuss!!!

In order to achieve the best outcome for your Digital Transformation drive, you should Identify the right IT partners that have a solid background as they will be the one that can then take this whole thing forward for you and do effective change management ensuring your business and staff are not impacted in any way.

Now the challenging question for business is How to identify the right IT team to work with?

Below is the key aspect of any such GOOD  IT partner:

  • Good Listeners
  • Challenge and question your existing processes
  • Up to date with new technology trends and digital innovations
  • Understand your existing processes and find out bottlenecks
  • Suggest different solutions and areas of improvement
  • Understand your budget and plan your digital transformation journey
  • Make you and your team comfortable with the new system
  • Become an integral part of your business growth and treats it like their own baby.

On your first meeting with such IT partners,  if they are able to ask you the right questions,  suggest a solution that will work for your business, how they can make it all happen and how they will support business growth, then you can assume that you have found the right fit. Once you have shortlisted some candidates, you can further filter on the basis of budgeting and time to market.


Ask for proposals and quotations.

After you have shortlisted the IT partner you are ready to kick-start the project. This is the time when you need to tighten the seat belt and be primed for the ride.

Below are certain activities which will help you achieve the desired output in the best possible manner

  • Be an active part of the development 
  • Ask the agency to divide the whole product delivery into multiple small iterations. 
  • Monitor, test and understand each iteration
  • Try to involve stakeholders to test each iteration and take their feedback on a regular basis. 
  • Don’t wait to suggest changes/enhancements, even if they result in additional costs.
  • Research and suggest what your competitors are doing.

Do these steps ring the bell for you? Do you feel stuck intermittently as you are not able to find the right people at the right time? Are you looking for someone who can help with the transformation? or you want to do this but worried about the cost?

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