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Jan 20, 2021

How exactly digital transformation works?

Companies are ready to do the digital shift for their business, and most of the time, are not even worried about the cost and change it involves. However, they lack the awareness related to how it will happen and where to start. At iotasol, we divide this whole process into three (3) simple steps. We call it a 3D Approach that makes it possible for any business to introspect and take this vital move for theirs.

Let’s dig into these three (3) simple steps we named as a 3D Approach to achieve Digital Transformation for your business.


Question and doubt your processes

Every business owner needs to monitor their business processes and answers a few general questions on how effective they are:

These are a few of the general questions, and if you do not have an answer to any of the questions above, or the process is currently manual, you are ready for Digital Transformation. The first step for achieving this is to lay out and document all the operations that are currently in the business.

What are the steps that you take in your existing delivery model?

Question every step and isolate steps that are:


Identify the right people and Discuss!!!

To achieve the best outcome for your Digital Transformation drive, you should first identify the right IT partners. An ideal IT partner should have a solid background as they are the ones that can do effective change management while assuring your business and staff are least impacted throughout.

Now the challenging question for business is How to identify the right IT team to work with?

Below are few primary aspects of any such GOOD IT partner:

On your first meeting with such IT partners, if they can ask you the right questions, suggest a solution that will work for your business, how they can make it all happen and how they will support business growth, is when you can assume that you have found the right fit. Once you have shortlisted some candidates, you can further filter based on budgeting and time to market.


Ask for proposals and quotations.

After you have shortlisted the IT partner you are ready to kick-start the project. Now is the time when you need to tighten the seat belt and get ready for the ride.

Below are certain activities which will help you achieve the desired output in the best possible manner

Do these steps ring the bell for you? Do you feel stuck as you are not able to find the right people at the right time? Are you looking for someone who can help with the transformation? Do you want to do this but are worried about the cost?

Worry no more! We at iotasol are here to help you. We are just a call away.

Contact us now, and we’ll guide a smooth transition of your business going digital.

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