Paper to Paperless

There are only two ways to make money in any business, either by increasing the sales and revenue growth or by decreasing the operational costs. One good approach to cutback operating costs is by limiting usage of paper from your business and going paperless as much as possible.

Now, some may argue that they don’t use paper for all their processes and are paperless and that they manage all their operations digitally or electronically by asking their clients to send them an SMS or an email to place an order. These orders are then added into accounting systems, followed by generating a quote or an invoice manually.

These orders are processed by creating a non-automated packing list which is then shared with the warehouse managers, who access it on their tablet in either Evernote, Google Docs or Google Sheet that would have been created. The driver then uses the same Google Doc or sheet and goes out to deliver the products. Usually, a copy of invoices is printed as well which is sent out to customers wherein they’d have to sign it as proof of purchase and successfully receipt.

A lot of business owners, when enquired on how they keep a tab of their business, said that they count the number of emails they have received to compute the total number of orders. Other details with regard to the inventory, delivery readiness and it’s tracking are done using Excel or Google sheets.

This workflow might seem beneficial for some companies but not for everyone. Especially, if the company is looking for growth in multi-folds then they’d have to have a more streamlined process.

However, in order to upscale the business, one needs to make it less paper-dependent and have scalable processes that can grow and adapt to the changing needs of the business.

At Iotasol, we make it possible for you to achieve it. We build custom workflows that can handle even the most complicated procedures, making it user-friendly at the same time. The main focus of our team is to understand how the business functionality is and then plan accordingly to help improvise by digitizing it to its maximum capability. We can help you go as close as to a 100% paperless biz and also implement security and reporting that will help you stay ahead of everyone in the information security game of your industry.

We also understand that, as the business grows it is bound to change and adapt. Hence, our team makes it sure to build such a system that is strong yet flexible and provide support under circumstances.

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