Software is an Essential Hardware!!!

This does sound weird, right?

It is actually weird how easily businesses forget the importance of the software and always feels like it is easily available to solve their major problems. The only thing businesses invest in is their other industrial and commercial hardware. They forget that in today’s world one of the most important aspects for any business is to reduce the cost of their delivery/manufacturing pipeline by implementing solid processes backed by equally solid software.

Why is it important to switch this traditional mindset and start thinking that software is as essential as hardware that needs to be purchased/built as a part of a business establishment and has to grow proportionally with the business?

Approach 1 - Download/subscribe existing off the shelf software

The risk associated with choosing an off the shelf system:

Overall Severity - Dangerous

Start of Business - Medium

As you grow - Catastrophic

Reasons to change it -

  • High possibility that what you download might never fully fit the business requirements
  • High chances of changing the processes as per the software.
  • Less scalability as the business grows
  • It will result in adding More cost from additional resource hired to use that it

Approach 2 - Take multiple softwares solving different problems

The Risk associated with choosing an off the shelf system.

Overall Severity - Medium

Start of Business - Good

As you grow - Difficult

Reasons to change it -

  • Although it saves time when you make the process, over time it will keep on becoming more and more complicated.
  • Becomes difficult challenging for a new hire to understand and get adjusted with the process
  • It will not scale as you grow Less scalability as the business grows.
  • Information becomes redundant and as the same thing need is to be recorded at different places to maintain consistency
  • You end up paying more in subscriptions and operational costs

Approach 3 - Get the software ready as per your needs

The Risk associated with choosing off the shelf system.

Overall Severity - Low

Start of Business - Budget Intensive

As you grow - Easy to scale

Reasons to change it -

  • Treat software as an essential part of your business establishment.
  • Consider the cost of custom software as part of your initial investment.
  • Helps you to focus on your business processes the way your business demands
  • Flexibility to change with time and adapt adopt new processes and systems
  • Becomes core part of your business operations
  • Reduces operational costs and increases the efficiency of the staff
  • Grow with your business

Do you have questions about any of these approaches? Or Do you think you are part of any such situation and you need help to plan your software strategy for your business?

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