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Mar 20, 2021

What have 10 years of business transformation taught us?

From the very initial days of our business, we had a single goal - to empower other enterprises with a digital presence. Over ten (10) years, Iotasol Pty. Ltd. has helped many organizations exponentially grow, achieve their dreams, and envision their ideas. Not only this, but we also encouraged them to enhance their existing processes using the power of technology. This increased their profits in many folds and helped them spend more time on other business tasks.

Here, we would like to share a few of our learnings over these ten (10) years of digital transformation and the key points which can help any organization get the digital transformation done.

Learning 1 –

Always start with an MVP {Minimal Viable Product}

Often businesses have a notion tend toward doing all the things in one go. It only increases their initial cost and does not allow them to get honest feedback from the end-users. More often than not, a product or a solution built beyond the core features is not accepted very readily by the targeted audience. They are not easily able to map their needs to it. So, to avoid conflicts of interest, the focus should be on designing the core features at the beginning. Then, test the waters and further enhance the core products with the palpable beta user's feedback.

Moral of the story - Think BIG – Go MVP

Learning 2 –

Learn from your competitors or people doing similar things around the world

Here, it does not mean ‘copy’ from other companies but studies them. It includes their projects, website, posts on social media, etc. If your company is not doing similar kinds of projects, find out what different they are doing and how! Try to see if any of those valuable lessons fit in your business, and only then instill it in your internal processes.

Moral of the story – Learning is a never-ending process. The more you learn, the more you grow.

Learning 3 –

Spend time on Wireframes and User Stories

Many companies who develop products for their clients skip the wireframes and start building them directly. However, it is a vital step, as it helps both the company and the client understand the requirements and develop accordingly.

Another thing to invest are the case stories. Create some and post it on the website, social media handles, etc. This helps in getting similar projects and also showcase your work to everyone on the web. Also, it creates a good image and increases audience engagement.

Moral of the story – Do not skip wireframes and build case stories.

Learning 4 –

Keep on getting feedback from Alpha Users

Feedback is of utmost importance; without comments from first-hand users, we can never learn and grow. No matter whether it is positive or negative feedback, it is constructive. As these have the hands-on experience and know what is working and what is not, it helps build a better product, and thus, a better customer experience.

Moral of the story – Feedback helps us improve.

Learning 5 –

Strategically plan the marketing of the product w.r.t the delivery plan.

Showing off the final product is the plan in generality, but why not start early and share some inside views and sneak peek? This strategy helps in building curiosity amongst the audience and also effectively market the product.

Moral of the story –Share sneak peeks in between before finally doing the grand launch of the product.

Learning 6 –

Keep budget for branding, social media marketing and product launch

It is the world of marketing; having a social presence is essential in today's day and age. Everyone and everything is online. From branding to launching new products, features or services on social media is more influential than traditional methods. Every company, no matter small or big, should keep a budget for marketing digitally. Hold polls, ask questions, sneak peek are some ways of audience engagement and digital marketing.

Moral of the story – Get digital, even while marketing!

Learning 7 –

Keep on adding new features like the traction on the product start. It is critical to keep the users engaged.

Many companies go stagnant after a few years and stop adding new features. This is called the comfort zone, and many get stuck in here. That should not happen. If you want to grow, keep introducing more features gradually so that the users are intrigued and want to utilize the product more!

Moral of the story – Do not get stagnant; the more the new features, the better the end-user experience.

Learning 8 –

Think mobile; do plan to have an app as your product grows

Having a business website is good, but the app wins the game! It is sleek, user-friendly, convenient and compact. Applications provide the end-users with on-the-go functionality and a better experience. It is less time consuming, and everyone is now turning towards building them for its immense advantages.

Moral of the story – Build an application as you grow. It will help to reach a broader range of audiences.

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