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Dec 31, 2021

Journey of Iotasol from 2021 to 2022

With mixed emotions of relief that the painful year has ended, exhaustion, and hope, we welcomed 2022. While we still hope that the offices will re-populate back to previous levels and adapt to live with the new normal – taking precautions, travelling responsibly and ensuring we follow the covid guidelines, 2022 will be no different!

Last year, we shared our goals for 2021 and what to expect from Iotasol. While 2021 was a successful year, we are hoping 2022 to be even better.

We have some big plans for the coming year, and in this blog, we would like to share what goals we have set up for 2022.

1. Indian team shifting to a new office location

Even though the concept of work from home is there and some of our team members prefer it, we are finally going to move to our new office, ensuring that all team members adhere to safety measures.

We miss working together under one roof, and we are very excited to work as a UNIT again.

2. Flexible working environment for our employees

We will continue to provide a flexible work environment to our team members in the new year. The new omicron variant has again presented us and the world with another challenge.

The ongoing pandemic has made it indispensable for employers to offer remote work for their employees when possible.

3. Bolstering sales team in Australia

In 2022 we want to set up a formal sales team in Melbourne, Australia and work towards setting up a robust sales process around the team and learning the wisdom. We want to then implement our learnings in other locations around the globe.

4. Strengthen the Testing team and QA processes

We contemplated having a foolproof QA process and establishing a tenacious testing team for a while now. We started on this journey last year and will continue to improve our processes in the new year. We wish to tick it off our to-do list this time for sure.

5. Defining KPIs to improve Productivity

KPI, or Key Performance Indicators, are a significant criterion in any company. No matter what your profile is or in which department you work for, KPIs will always be there. We have formulated KPI’s and roles for all our employees and will further look to polish upon those metrics. We expect our team to adhere to these metrics to the best of their abilities. We believe in continuously challenging ourselves to be better.

6. Expand our Market

In 2022, we will be targeting deeper and broader across the globe. We will continue to expand our business and look towards newer horizons.

Expansion of our business is our paramount goal. We have much to offer to everyone, in all niches. No matter what the field of business is or the size, a start-up or someone looking to transform their paper-based business digitally. We are here to help! 

7. Launch Products

We finally want to enter into products. We have been in the service field for 11 years now, and we believe that the time is ripe to make the jump. This year we will be launching a couple of products. Stay tuned to know more! Subscribe now to our newsletter or follow us on social media. You surely do not want to miss it out!

8. Expand our Team

Towards the end of 2020, we were already hiring very aggressively across multiple locations. We grew in 2021, but expansion plans are perpetual. We are planning to expand from 80 to 150+ in 2022. Yes, that is our goal! The growth will be across all departments, so we can serve you nothing but the best.

9. Enhancing our Customer Service

Currently, the success rate for customer satisfaction is 90%, and we want it beyond 100% in the coming year. We are already working on improving things that will help us achieve this by year-end.

10. Introduction and usage of new PM tool

We used multiple project management tools in the past, but this year we introduced our team to a new one - ClickUp. It is robust and allows us to keep track of all our tasks, project-related documents and, best of all - measure productivity. In 2022, our goal is to move to this PM tool 100% effectively to ensure there are no gaps in the process.

To Conclude,

We had a very eventful and successful first year of the new decade, and it brought a lot better and exciting things for us.

With better opportunities and new faces becoming part of the team, we are advancing on quality. At Iotasol, we resolve to strengthen our core commitment towards providing our customers with the best service in the market.

We love hearing from you and getting to know what you expect from us!

If there is anything that you want us to include or change, do let us know. We would surely try to incorporate that in our planning.

Your suggestions and continuous support have always acted as a catalyst behind our success over the years in business.

We are looking forward to persisting that this year as well.

Feel free to write us at!

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